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You’ve got to run like an antelope out of control [by Xtina]

phish peeps

I thought I knew how excited I was to see Phish for my first time, back together again after five years, in my favorite city in the world. But I was wrong, because when I was in the grandstands of Fenway Park and watched Trey, Mike, Fishman and Page walk out onto the field in Red Sox jerseys and begin to sing the star spangled banner, my excitement reached an all time high. I’m not going to lie to you readers — I shed a tear.

rainbow phish

[Before Phish started playing it was shitting rain all over Fenway. Which was totally fine, but as soon as the set started the clouds moved, the sun broke through, and there was a rainbow! Legit. – Angela]

The set opened with Sample in a Jar. [This was one of the many songs I said that if played, I would conceive and birth a baby for the duration of. ] The whole ride into the city between Angela, myself, and Friend of Buntology Laura Swanson the question “I wonder what they are gunna open with?” was asked at least 10 times. I think its fair to say we were all more than satisfied. [I’m holding little Junior in my lap right now.]

In my opinion the set list was perfect. Epic, out of control, sick, wonderful, beautiful, amazing. All words I heard used to describe it. The three of us each heard our favorite song, and I’m sure thousands of others would say the same. At the end of each jam I was like, “Wow that was so awesome” and then, “Omg omg, what’s gunna be next?” [I was also thinking that, and at the same time was furiously texting Alicia the set list.]

I think the best thing about the show was the all around general vibe. [Love, love, love.] Thousands of people were united in awe of the truly historic and amazing event that was taking place. [It was like, supernatural mann.] Everyone was just so happy, like nothing could go wrong.

I think the second best thing about was I had countless amount of friends that I knew were going to be at the show. [I ran into a bunch of people at the most random times.] Some I saw in the crowds of thousands, some I didn’t. But even the ones I didn’t see and weren’t with, I knew they were out there somewhere having just as much of an amazing time as I was, and we were still sharing the experience together.

The third best thing? This is only the beginning. PHISH SUMMER TOUR ’09 BABY!!! See you out there!

free swag

[The fourth best thing? The free tees we got from Jim Montalto, owner of Aquilon Designs, who we met on the street before the show. Thanks for the free swag! (I am a promotion whore.)]



i like this. a lot. phish is about phriends. then music.
but did you see the sheer sketchyness of the lot before hand? something has to change. nitrous=the devil.

jones beach night 1 was amazing. set list wasnt as awesome as phenway, but the jams were tighter and more in line with phish, pre hiatus. get ready. mansfield then bonnaroo. yes!


Run like an athel-eete, die like a deadbeat!


“Jim/Tim Montalto, owner of Aquilon Designs”

lol – howie carr’d

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