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Your new favorite drink [by Alicia]

The ever-generous Peels, serving me up a Coked-Up Caucasian.

OK, get out a pen, beverage connoisseurs, because Home Plate bartender “Peels” has your new favorite cocktail. It took a little cajoling and coaxing from me, but Peels finally gave up the recipe to this secret edition White Russian. I’m gonna call it … the Coked-Up Caucasian.

Everyone in the Eagle newsroom was buzzing about this drink last weekend, so I felt it was Buntology’s duty to test it out. I dragged some colleagues along to the Plate last night to fulfill that obligation.

This frothy drink tastes like a vanilla milkshake. Delicious. I tried not to envision how many calories one serving would have. Luckily, this cocktail is STRONG. I didn’t need more than one. I mean, did I have more than one? Yes. But it probably wasn’t necessary. Or prudent.

Try it at home or out with friends!

1 oz Vanilla Vodka
1 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
1 oz Kahlua
Splash of Coca-Cola
Milk / cream

“Shaken, not stirred,” advises Peels.

Me and my drink. Eagle reporter Derek in the background, looking perturbed.

You’re welcome.



mmm delish! – ange


Had I not made a deal with “God” back in 1980 that if he/she let me live (and not vomit all night)in exchange for me NEVER drinking another White Russian I might actually try this drink. Just reading the ingredients brings back memories of that night at that bar in Lake Worth, Florida. You could always use diet cola……


Oh… and in the summer… instead of the milk/cream you can use vanilla ice cream and then throw it all in a blender! Oh, the calories… but I bet it would be delicious! But, hey, I have that pact with the Lord so….

big daddy bunt

Oh, sure – There goes Jewie Jewensteen, throwing the Lord’s name all over the place – and she won’t even let her poor daughters have a catholic coloring book in the house!


…and in the above photo, that older dude who previously didn’t think he had a chance with Alicia, is now planning on buying her drinks until she passes out.


hmmm ive been hypothesizing on how putting baileys into a white russian might stimulate my buds.

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