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You know ’em, too

… Unless, of course, you’re one of ’em.

Ange, keeping it casual at Rothbury with Lauren's bro Brian.

According to, there are 7 obnoxious assholes who show up at every concert. In the spirit of Rothbury 09, here’s the link. Since there are about 50 shows and 30 gajillion people at Rothbury, I assume Angie, Xtina, Lauren and Neil have encountered most of these people already.

Actually, I think Angela might be one of those assholes .. probably the whirling dervish? But she smells nicer. Neil is definitely the aggressive vomiting drunk. Or is that Lauren? JUST KIDDING!



That article was hysterical! My Angie is just very enthusiastic about her music. She does, however, shave her armpits and i did send her with some baby-wipes to stay “fresh’ during the festival. have i sid too much?


Okay, that’s funny! I’ve been blogging and blogging about how great the crowd at Rothbury was, luckily, I didn’t run into the folks Cracked was referring to, but I’ll bet they were there!


hahaha. ok first of all i dont have dreads second of all i puke way more than ldav does soooo get your facts straight!

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