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Do the Wormtown Wiggle 2009


Angela and Neil, Buntology’s designated hippies, hit up Wormtown Festival this weekend. Check out their recap below, and be sure to stay tuned for Ange’s Wormtown documentary that will be premiered on Buntology later in the week!

Angela: The Wormtown Music Festival is one of the Pioneer Valley’s best kept secrets. Tucked away in Greenfield, Mass., Camp KeeWanee hosts the only festival where you can watch live music from 10 a.m. until 6 a.m. the next day for under $90. And it’s GOOD music.

Neil: And if you are as awesome as we are, you get free entrance to the show, complete with a purple wristband signifying that you are important members of the media. HA!

Angela : The vibe — and the size — makes for an extremely laid back atmosphere, one where you can literally bump into your friends should you lose them in a state of confusion in the darkened (yet illuminated by glow sticks) woods.

Neil: Maybe for you, Ange, but I cannot tell you how many times I found myself walking in the same circle trying to figure out where I was.

Angela: Wormtown is also extremely family-friendly. A basketball court and a swimming pool (although it was too cold to open) allow you to get in touch with your inner child. Oh yeah, and there are FLUSHABLE toilets. That’s right folks, extremely clean, flushable Johns. Not to mention nearly spotless porto-pottys.

Neil: This is the part where I laugh at you ladies. I can pee anywhere I want!

Angela: The only downside to Wormtown is the weather. Sleeping in a tent in mid-September has a risk involved, which can be remedied by gathering around the fire with your fellow campers, participating in a hippie-drum circle, or dancing in one of the two redone late-night cabins until dawn.

Neil: Followed by a bag-slapping session, complete with youthful giggles and prank phone calls.

Angela: That’s what I did on Saturday, and lets give a big round of applause to the band Goosepimp for breaking it down for three effing hours in that cabin and keeping the masses warm.

Neil: And don’t forget U-Melt. Not only did they cover an entire Police album on the mainstage and deliver a funkdafied, jazz explosion late-night set, but the guys were nice enough to take the time to allow us to interview them. A very nice bunch of guys. GO SEE THEM!

Angela: : Another great thing about the size and intimacy of Wormtown is the super reasonable prices of everything. Food ranged from $2-$8; water was just a dollar. Even delicious fruit smoothies were no more than $6. This festy isn’t about making a huge profit — it’s about showing people a good time and truly sharing in the groove.

Nobody is driving to Greenfield to try and be a sketchy tweaker; however, during one of the late night cabin sets, a large lad in front of me kept falling over and I was like “go outside and take a knee, dude.” He was totally killing the vibe.

Neil: Wasn’t that sketchy tweaker me?

Angela: Besides the two main stages and the late night cabins, there was a small stage tucked away in the woods as well as countless wooded areas where campers set up their own stages. Some featured lights and projection screens; others saw impromptu jam sessions nestled in the dark of night.

I honestly don’t see what other big-name festivals have the Wormtown doesn’t. Sure, you’re not getting The Dead on the 4th of July (with fireworks), or Nas and Damien Marley, but stumbling on a Dead cover band at 3 a.m. in the woods, or chatting with Force from the Alchemystics before you both start your late-night boogeying is still pretty friggin’ awesome.

Neil: But the best part is making new friends while kickin’ it with the ones you already have.



That term “slapping the bag” continues to mystify me. Sounds vaguely BDSM.


it IS bondage, alicia. make it hurt baby!

p.s.-i think this weekend has topped any festival i have ever been too.

laura swanson

Thanks for the article guys. im sad i couldnt make it but unfortuantly the incredible reasonable price was too unreasonable for me right now. But…i just wanted to put in my 2 sense. I have been to 7 wormtown productions, my 1st was when i was 14, with heather, who graced ur presence this weekend. I wa sso surprised that Creek didnt play this year cause thats been pretty steady for over 8 yrs now. but i wanted to say that i didnt think that (atleast when I went, havent been for a couple years now,) that worm was so much a family fest although they promote that. i have seen more fucked up shit at worm than any other fest (closer u get to the river). which is fine but its confusing cause they are going so strongly for that family vibe. im wondering if either of you have been in the past and could tell me if the scene has shifted to more of a family vibe. Thanks guys for the update! i hope to see you really really soon, come visit me!


ahahaha omg reading this in the library (is that spelled right?) and serioulsy laughing out loud!!!


Love it guys- you make a great team. I’m sorry I missed it. those fall festies are hard to get to when your still in school. Careful you guys don’t over-use the h-word though (hippies) !! 😉 btw- COME VISIT!!!


laura, i have been to one prior wormy and a strange creek. ive always seen the family vibe (no nitrous, raging kept to the confined area).
it really was just a great scene.

also, the only reason maxxxxxy creek bailed is because scotty boy murawski is on tour with gordo. thief.


this was my second time at wormtown (well, one time i was there for the night not during the day) and i went to one strangecreek. but i can say that i saw more kids at this festy then i have at any others i’ve been too, and on sunday they had this thing where all the kids lined up and were in costume and they walked to the stage to do some performance thing.

and we saw these super young kids in a band rocking out. there are pics of them in that album. it was awesome!

thanks for the insight!


excellent coverage once again

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