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Who Cares About Amanda Bynes?

For the first time since her release from rehab last December, Amanda Bynes is back in the news.

This time, the 28-year-old actress was charged with a DUI after being stopped by police at 3a.m. on Sunday and failing a field sobriety test. The misdemeanor offense led to Bynes’ arrest, and after posting her $15,000 bail she was released later that afternoon. 

amanda bynes 2013
“Don’t worry, Mandy. You totally can’t tell that it’s a wig.”

According to E! Online (where I get all of my hard-hitting news from):

According to officials, Bynes was traveling westbound on Riverside Drive in Sherman Oaks as she approached the intersection at a red light on Van Nuys Boulevard. She stopped for the red light, but she stopped in the middle of the intersection, at which point the actress was pulled over and “given a series of field sobriety tests, which she was unable to complete. Bynes was then transported to the CPH West Valley Office where she was given a drug evaluation test that, according to officials, determined she was under the influence of a controlled substance (the substance is unknown).

Is anybody else thinking what I’m thinking? Who the fuck cares about Amanda Bynes.

This is something that has been bothering me since her very public unraveling began back in 2012, when she started driving drunk all over Los Angeles, threw her bong out of a high-rise in NYC, and lit her neighbors’ driveway on fire. Oh yea, and that whole “calling everybody ugly” thing whilst undergoing a bunch of plastic surgery procedures, plus numerous Twitter rants and revealing photos. (But I think we can all agree that the bong tossing was the most disturbing outburst.)

tan mom
Looks like somebody has a severe case of jaundice.

Seriously, has this bitch been in anything since What I Like About You with Jennie Garth? I did a quick Wikipedia check to determine what I already knew to be true. In fact, the only work Bynes has had since the series ended in 2006 is the starring role in some shitty movie that nobody has ever heard of, a terrible lifetime movie starring Harry Connick Jr., and a small role in Easy A, starring the weirdly unattractive yet attractive Emma Stone.

It’s completely unfair to actual Hollywood nutbags to lump Bynes in with them as another unstable starlet. The girl is about as famous as Tan Mom (actually, now that Tan Mom is somewhat of a Howard Stern whack-packer, I think she might be more famous), so why do we care so much about her downfall? It’s the equivalent to the media just picking a random crazy person off the street and chronicling their every misstep. It makes me long for the days of pre-OWN Lindsay Lohan, and pre-lobotomized Britney Spears. Now those were some meltdowns.


Jessica R

Thank you for publishing such a moving article. I deeply feel for young Amanda and hope that she and others like her can somehow get the care and support they so urgently need.


Glad you recognized that Tan Mom is a new wac packer (sorta) on Stern. Bynes may need help but she is no longer a ‘starlet’ and definitely not news.


What I Like About You is underrated! Great show! She was also in What a Girl Wants.. she had some good movies. She was pretty, but also has a kinda cabbage patch doll looking mug.


Shes The Man, is a great movie I recommend a watch!


I actually came home one day to Steve watching this by himself..

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