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Here at Buntology I think that it is important to keep all readers up to date on not only current events but also the current health conditions of each bunt member.

I have been sick on and off for the last year. I am on all crazy medicines, one which lowers the immune system. So now I get weird illnesses all the time. Last week I was breaking out into weird itchy rashes all over my body. This week I have developed a strange mushy swollen lymph node gland thing, or whatever you want to call it. It is tender to the touch and pops out.

The doctors are baffled! Well not really, they just said it was nothing and would go away in a week, but I don’t have much faith in the doctors around these parts. So I have come up with a few different possibilities:

a. Leukemia
b. there is a alien baby thing growing out of my neck
c. a penis is growing on my neck ( it kinda feels and looks like a testicle)

So I will be returning to school with no answers. It will either go away or I will have to start paying double for housing once the penis and/or baby starts walking and talking.



let me just say that this picture was taken at 3 AM and I was woken up abruptly by Angela. I didn’t know what was going on. but hey, check out that gland!


If you are really concerned you can go see a specialist. General practitioners are not good in the area of diagnosis. They usually say, “take ibuprofin and come back in two weeks”, with most stuff. You will have to push your GP for a referral, though.

– Dr. Colin says to check other areas for infection and/or pain. Your body is fighting something. Eat your fibre, drink plenty of water, sleep well and take your vitamins. Also, don’t forget to drink your ovaltine.

– Dr. Shakazulu says you can always pray to your ancestors whilst plunging the ceremonial spear into your neck to let the bad mojo out.


Sounds like a cyst. I’ll tell Rochelle to have it lanced!
Feel better!!!
Dan from Waterfront

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