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we’ve never been an athletic bunch…


You asked for it, you got it. Buntology is now covering sports! Click below for Ivan’s 2008 sports wrap-up.

Let’s take a look at 2008’s biggest events in the world of sports:

Let’s start with football. In the NFL’s Superbowl XLII, the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots. It was the biggest upset of the season. I’m sure a lot of you remember the Pat’s going undefeated all season long and blew it at the end. AH! I don’t want to think about it anymore.

In the NBA, the Boston Celtics beat the Los Angeles Lakers. It was a series of the two classic rivals just like in the 80s finals.

In NHL Hockey, the Detroit Red Wings beat the Pittsburg Penguins in the Stanley Cup Finals.

In the Summer Olympics, everyone remembers the excitement of the swimming events as Michael Phelps won the majority of them. I think the swimming events were by far the most exciting ones. Along with swimming, the United States finished off by bringing home the most overall medals at 110, while China took the most Gold ones.

In soccer the Columbus Crew defeated the New York Red Bulls in the MLS Cup.

In Major League Baseball the Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series. It was a series delayed a couple nights because of much rain. Eventually it was finished and the Phillies took the title.

So that’s that for the superior sports… as for other stuff. Let’s take a look.

Rock Paper Scissors – Mark Cleland of Ireland participated in the IRPSF (International Rock Paper Scissors Federation) Championship in Beijing China last summer. He became 2008’s World’s Rock Paper Scissors Champion.

Dodge Ball – Rise of Brutality of San Diego, Calif., took the title defeating Triple-A of Oceanside, Calif., in the Open Stinger Division for the National Dodge Ball Championship.

Skateboarding – In the 2008 Es Game of Skate, Chris Cole defended his title by beating Eric Koston (second), Alex Mizurov (third), and Billy Marks (fourth) in the final round. Cole won again, taking home the grand prize of $20,000.

Beer Pong – A team by the name of “Chauffeuring the Fat Kid” won the World Series of Beer Pong tournament in Las Vegas in early 2008. Jeremy Hughes and Mike Orr were the members of the champion team.

Ivan O. Cordero



Oh helll yeah Ivan. Way to get that Rock Paper Scissors in there. Now THAT is a sport! I know you love a good game of RPS.

rod bunt

Ivan, nice coverage. But I’ve got to set you straight. I’m pretty sure that Average Joe’s Gym won the Dodgeball championship.


The only time I have EVER watched and actually cared about a football game was last year’s Super Bowl. Sorry… rooted for the underdog and we won!

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