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We Came, We Saw, We Tanned

Weeee’reee baaaack!

While the fam is still collecting itself after just returning from a week-long vaca to Cape Cod, here are some pics from Ange’s cellphone to tide you over before we start regularly posting again on Monday.

*P.S. So mad that our Twitter stopped working! The technology failed us!


Father Rod
Father Rod: In the name of the father and the son. Just do it.

Truro beach


Ange and Jack Jack
Steve the dreamboat
Ange bandana

Wilson's first vaca
Ma and Pa
Alicia tanning



Ugh…just got home and Dad left the basement door open so Lucy (the cat) could get down the basement and poop all over…WAAAH…I want to go back to my pretend life and live in harmony with nature in Truro…

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