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Ivan O. Cordero

seeing that i do some sports here i should probably respond…
as much as i absolutely hate UFC they def are all athletes and they all train/practice to compete, in a SPORT.


Who the hell? SO funny. Do I know that guy?


Hahaha raaaaaaage!


haha I’m glad you used my title suggestion for this topic


That guy was crazy; I would know I was the one he was yelling at. UFC is not a sport, however, UFC fighters are athletes. In fact many of the fighters in UFC are in much better physical condition than many professional athletes in other sports (i.e. David Ortiz, Glen Davis, Warren Sapp, etc.) The reason they are in such “top” condition is due to the months of training that they go through to endure a physical brawl. It is important to stress from my ideology that training alone for a specific activity does not make that activity a sport. Many claim that this period of training helps to legitimize UFC as a sport, I find it important to note where I do not see things similarly. Fighting has been a form of entertainment since the dawn of man, it is our destructive nature that draws us to these violence acts. This form of entertainment clearly has a place in American society since it draws more viewers/ratings to a normal fight night than MLB can draw to the World Series. However ratings and fans does not it a sport either. In my small little bubble of a world I have a more idealized view of what a sport should be. Sports should be healthy first and foremost, and something that helps the body become stronger. UFC and many other overtly physical activities (i.e. boxing) are not healthy for the human body and in fact is extremely damaging (the training they go through is quite though!!). Many lose their mental capabilities due to the head trauma they have endured. Secondly, in my isolated existence I believe that the scoring system for UFC is quite arbitrary. The rounds are scored 10(winner) to 9(loser), and have three judges who help to score the rounds. If there was no submission or tapout by either competitor the decision is then sent to the scorecard. The judges have to base their decision off of whom they thought won the round, there is no set point scoring system. Part of the legitimacy of wrestling is the points system, a takedown is worth 4 points, an escape is worth 3 points, and so on. There is a method to the madness which makes assessing the physical combat less arbitrary. Lastly, I ask people to go to their local park and to practice their UFC just like they would practice baseball. I believe these people would be arrested and depending on the moves they were performing they may receive Mayhem charges brought against them. There have been a few instances where criminal charges have been brought against players in the NHL and NFL however, the entire sport does not revolve around activities that would else wise be deemed as illegal. I appreciate UFC, I am well versed in my UFC knowledge and I understand that it is extremely impactful on our current generation, but in saying all this I still believe that it is not a sport. UFC requires those who step into the octagon to be in excellent shape and mentally not being the sharpest spoon in the knife drawer. Thank you for the forum space so I could voice my stance, let’s just say that kid was not a good listener.


For starters, as an avid UFC and Mixed Martial Arts(the actual name of the sport, UFC is just a league, although it does contain the best competitors other than Fedor Emelianeko) it is my strong belief that it is sport at its finest. No matter who the better fighter is on paper, either man or woman has the ability to come out on top as MMA is the most explosive activity known to the sporting world. It also is the most individual, and anything and everything that happens in the octagon or ring is the direct result of the person involved. If boxing is considered a sport, MMA definitely is, and no matter what Floyd Mayweather may say, very few boxers really succeed when they switch to MMA, especially when taken to the ground. I cant say that it is always the most exciting thing in the world, but in most circumstances a fight is way more enthralling than many other sporting events. Also, a fight does not require the attention span of any other sport, since it takes 15 minutes or less for the entire battle to take place. As for Josh, he and I have had this debate on many occasion, and while he has not and never will change his mind(mostly out of stubborness, not to say I am any better myself), he understands this point of view and doesnt have much to repute my stance. Many times we have both laid all our cards on the table and in the end, neither of us will agree with the other point of view outside of the fact that it comes down to nothing more than opinion of the action taking place. The end point is to say that it all comes down to how one defines what a “sport” is before one can start classifying different athletic activities as sport or not. If things like fishing, billiards, and fucking poker can be considered sports, then there is no basis for the argument against MMA (certainly not to say that Josh has used any of these examples in his argument).

And finally, after all this has been said by both sides, I think the main point of agreement here would be that, especially after standing by and watching this go down, the kid in the video was nuts and completely lost his mind over a simple discussion and probably set the argument of myself and those who believe as i do back a few notches by acting like a lunatic and making all of us look foolish. i havent seen someone flail their arms while acting like a dumbass like that since watching Eric Cartman take a nose dive trying to fly off his roof when he got “psychic powers”


josh and steve-o… would. and all i have to say is that at least i wasn’t there in person being forced to listen to you two argue about meaningless sports (whether its a real sport or not).


haha this is funny, i laughed out loud!

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