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Two metro transit trains collide

Metro Train Derailment

According to the Associated Press, around 5 p.m. two D.C. metro transit trains collided. Officials say it is too early to determine what caused the accident.

As of now, nine people have been killed in the accident with many others severely injured.

“A Metro official said the dead included the female operator of the trailing train. Her name was not immediately released.

The crash…took place on the system’s red line, Metro’s busiest, which runs below ground for much of its length but is at ground level at the accident site near the Maryland border in northeast Washington.

Metro chief John Catoe said the first train was stopped on the tracks, waiting for another to clear the station ahead, when the trailing train plowed into it from behind.” – Associated Press

It is believed to be the first fatal train collision on the Metro in more than 13 years.

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