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The Big E-dventure

By IVAN CORDERO     Sunday, Buntology’s newest employee (me!) and our friends took a day trip to visit New England’s Great State Fair — the Eastern States Exposition, aka the Big E. The final day of the Big E started off as a beautiful day. It was sunny, not too too hot, but it was nice. Lauren D., Christina R., and myself got into the Big E and we began our adventure. 

big e 1

As soon as you walk in, you immediately smell all the food everywhere. You can smell corndogs, and fried dough, and hamburgers, and pizza, and food and food and more food.

Lauren and Christina paid to check out some real live bears, which I don’t really know about since I did not pay to go in. So then we went to a petting zoo. Lauren and Christina were excited. They got to see and pet some animals. Lauren, for some reason, was talking about how she liked the smell of petting zoos. I don’t know why, but she said, “I love the smell of manure!” I think the smell of animal poop is bad, but Lauren apparently does not.

big e 3

There were some goats, llamas, a zebra, and a passed out kangaroo that was just laying on his back. We then walked around some more, and we checked out some little stores, and we also saw the Budweiser Clydesdales and the dalmatian dog. We did quite a bit of walking around, and then went inside to check out some of the buildings, to see what they had inside. We saw some piglets and watched some chicken hatching and a couple rabbits too. Christina and Lauren then found the foot massage chair. They put it quarters and Lauren freaked out and started crying out, surprised by it.

big e 4

Then … we did enough of the walking around. So after passing numerous food stands and smelling food everywhere we go, we finally stopped for food (you cannot leave the Big E without getting food). I got a pizza, Lauren got a burger and Christina I think also got a burger or something, I forgot. The food was delicious, obvi! The cost though, was not. But whatever, what are you gonna expect though.

We walked around some more and Lauren found a lil’ gnome store with some cool gnome goodies. Then it began to rain so we went inside one of the buildings. Lauren and Christina checked out some jewelry and made some purchases.

Then we closed our adventure by me getting lost looking at other stuff. But we found each other, it was all ok. So after all the walking around and with the rain we decided to conclude our journey and call it a day. My favorite part was probably the animals at the petting zoo. The Big E was a good time and a fun trip.



Don’t get me started on the subject of wild animals in captivity just so people can go “ooh, ah” and pat their heads! At least they don’t have to do tricks like at the circus…. AGH!!!! LLamas ok.. maybe piglets, but a zebra and a kangaroo? NO! NO! NO!

Tom Brokaw

i saw people in cages too!

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