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New England Celebrates 4:20 with Music & Marijuana

420 new england
Woah-oooh, New England!

New England: That little area of the United States known for its lush greenery, beautiful foliage, mercurial weather, and bitchy inhabitants- hardened by the cold winters they’ve been forced to endure for most of their lives.

Being a New Englander myself, I know that besides pretty leaves and shitty winters, this Northern nook of the U.S. also has an abundance of delicious and potent marijuana, along with an awesome underground jam band / music scene, spawning artists such as Phish, James Taylor and The Pixies.

Because of this, it seems only natural to write an article highlighting some of the awesome shows happening this Friday, 4/20, the holiday of the weed smokers…

420 eoto
EOTO’s new fully interactive 3-D mapped stage dubbed, “The Lotus Stage.”

*EOTO / Shpongle @ Roseland Ballroom in N.Y.C. (Get tickets here)
This is where I’ll be on Friday and I’m superfuckingexcited about it. I’ve never seen Shpongle before, and the last EOTO show I went to they didn’t go on until midnight, which resulted in me dancing until 3 A.M. which resulted in me missing my bus home later that morning. This is only marginally less awesome than my friend who ended up dropping acid that night and walking over the Brooklyn Bridge to go hang out with the Occupy Wall Street crew. EOTO will be premiering their new Lotus Stage on this tour, which is sure to blow the minds of the stoned out kiddies at Roseland Ballroom. CLICK HERE FOR A PREVIEW!!!

Paul Simon @ Rose Theatre in N.Y.C. (Get tickets here)
Paul Simon is probably the most hippie you can get on this holiday, but I recommend lighting up before the show as the venue is located inside Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Badfish: A Tribute to Sublime @ House of Blues in Atlantic City, N.J. (Get tickets here)
“I smoke two joints in the morning, I smoke two joints at night. I smoke two joints in the afternoon, It makes me feel all right…”

420 kalmia
Rubblebucket frontwoman, Kalmia, at last year’s 4/20 show in NYC.

*Rubblebucket @ Chameleon Club in Lancaster, Penn. (Get tickets here)
Saw Rubblebucket last year on 4/20 and it was a great show, don’t miss your chance this year. Also, in about six months this band will be too big to play club shows so get it while the gettin’s good.

Bassnectar / A-Trak @ Liacouras Center in Philly, Penn. (Get tickets here)
Womp womp womp…

*The Indobox / Sauce / Spiritual Rez @ The Spot Underground in Providence, R.I. (Call the box office)
Of course you can dance your ass off with The Indobox, but the real treat here is Sauce. Go see ’em and get your fill of hot female musicians with horns. Two of the best things ever.

10 Ft. Ganja Plant / Chadwick Stokes @ Middle East Downstairs in Boston, Mass. (Get tickets here)
The Middle East Downstairs is basically one really big, awesome basement- a natural setting for music and weed smoking. Just make sure you don’t get busted by your parents!

Danny Pease & the Regulators / Ready Set Flo! @ Beatnik’s in Worcester, Mass. (Get tickets here)
DPR can spit rhymes so fast that it would even make Busta’s head spin, while laying down reggae beats so danceable that the most stoned out Rastafarian can’t help but move.

Fungus Amungus @ Bishops Lounge in Northampton, Mass. (Call the box office)
Sauce and Fungus Amungus share the same vocalist, Chelsy Lau. Pay your dues and pass that woman a joint when you see her!

420 dpr
Danny Pease & The Regulators: Clearly marijuana enthusiasts.

*Dopapod / The Heavy Pets @ Pearl Street Clubroom in Northampton, Mass. (Get tickets here)
Delightfully sweaty venue, delightful bands, delightful day.

John Brown’s Body / Wolfman Conspiracy / Pulse Prophets @ Rocky Top Tavern in Brattleboro, VT (Call the box office)
Reggae, reggae and more reggae? Just make sure you bring enough green for everybody.

*Roots of Creation / Wolfman Conspiracy / Seed / Pulse Prophets @ The Rust Nail Bar & Grille in Stowe, VT (Call the box office)
Roots of Creation: A lot like Sublime, only still alive. Go see these guys!

= really kick ass.


Rod Bunt

Love that there Rubblebucket.

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