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Crooked Vultures Not Your Average Rock n’ Rollers

Based out of Los Angeles, rock supergroup Them Crooked Vultures (featuring Josh Homme, Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones) has emerged.

Homme plays lead guitar and Grohl is at drums again, like back in the days of Nirvana. As for JPJ, what doesn’t he play? Of course he is ripping on the bass, but the new album consists of more than just regular guitar, bass and drums. Jones also plays keyboard, piano, mandolin, slide guitar and keytar.

The new album was released on November 17,  and the 13 tracks consist of a lot of the deep dark sounds from Homme’s guitars. Along with his guitar shredding, Homme leads on vocals, and it gives the trio a sound most similar to Queens of the Stone Age than to Nirvana or Led Zeppelin.

Grohl, who has played with Homme in the past on QOTSA’s “Songs for the Deaf,” pounds away on the drums, and with Jones grooving on the bass it adds a little of that classic rock feeling to the album. A few of the songs include Jones playing the keys, and piano as well. One song that I felt that Jones stood out in was “Scumbag Blues.” This song reminded me a lot of “Trampled Underfoot” from Led Zeppelin’s “Physical Graffiti.” This isn’t just some regular rock n’ roll– these songs rock pretty hard.

If you are a big fan of Queens of the Stone Age and/or Led Zeppelin then you should definitely check these guys out. For more info check out their official website or at their Myspace page.



i havent listened to these dudes yet but… i’d like a piece of that big tall redhead josh homme.


I like their single… I think this could be a good thing.


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