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The School Book Store…Strikes Again! [by Jackie]

Jenny hates the bookstore too
Jenny hates the bookstore too

OK, I know there are tons of stories about school book stores and how they suck and all that, but I just got back from the Westfield State book store and I need to vent.

I had a book worth $160. I made sure I kept the stupid CD that came with it and kept the book in good condition. Last night I thought to myself, “With all the money I get back from this book, I am gonna get myself a nice outfit or at least a new shirt.” My roommates told me, ” Oh, you have the CD? That is at least $50 dollars right there!”

I marched right up to that register, book and CD in hand, smiling. The young man at the counter smiled too —  only now do I realize that his smile was the kind of smile you see on a prison inmate’s face right before he rapes you in the ass.

I received $12. I asked the young employee, ” Are you sure? I kept the CD, do you see?!” He smiled, “Sorry, just $12.”

That is when I stabbed him with my student ID card. Just kidding! I knew it wasn’t the employee’s fault so I tried not to freak out. Instead I got my 12 bucks and walked away with the feeling of being completely fucked. And not in a good way.



I sure hope you saved that $12 to put towards the co-pay for my stay at the mental institution that I will surely need by the time this whole graduation thing is over.

Ivan O. Cordero

you shoudl’ve sold it online, or do what i do and just not buy books


“Only now do I realize that his smile was the kind of smile you see on a prison inmates face right before he rapes you in the ass.”

I wish I was just a little less familiar with that kind of smile..


I feel your pain, really. I didn’t do so well at the Penn State Harrisburg bookstore this term either. I always make sure not to write in my text books, and keep the stupid cd (which, is usually still sealed in the back of the book anyway, in hopes of getting SOMETHING good back at the end of the semester. I thought I’d do really well when I sold my books back because I had to get mostly NEW books because they were new editions. I found out that the one book wasn’t being taken back AT ALL because there was a NEWER edition. In 4 months, really??? Yeah.. it sucks. I think I’m going to try selling online, and maybe even buying online.


I think Pre. Obama needs to put aside silly concerns like the economy, the war, swine flu, and other such things and focus on what is happening with college bookstores! This is absurd.

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