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The Return of Futurama

Attention all Futurama lovers and Futurama unknowers:

Coming soon to Comedy Central– the return of Futurama! Wow, after reading Futurama so many times it starts to sound silly. Let’s just say ‘Rama is returning to television this summer.

Very exciting to people who loved the show, and also exciting for people who never got into it. Now everyone has a chance to learn about it and love it. [Wow Jackie, I never knew you were  such a fan. Is it after we watched it in M. Langford’s class? I always cry at the series finale when Fry plays the holophone for Leila and it plays a picture of them holding hands, o god o god. – ab]

Honestly, I have only seen maybe a dozen episodes, but whenever I do happen to catch one I am always pleasantly surprised. This show is not only witty and laugh out loud [lolz] funny, but I also find some of the episodes to be very heartfelt [you could cut the poignancy of that series finale with a knife]. Sure, I have been known to cry at Wal Mart commercials, but this show can really tug at the heartstrings.

So get ready for the return of this awesome show, and if you want to watch some episodes to familiarize yourself, check out a clip from the last episode of the series, “The Devil’s Hands are Idle Playthings.”



You are blithering ninnies for crying over something on television. I thought I raised you both better than that. Oh, God, is that George Bailey over there?!? Sccchhhnnnnarfffff!! Honk!


watch “Jurassic Bark” from the 4th season. Wicked sad episode.

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