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The Poor Man’s Chicken Soup [by Jackie]

Angela sick in bed
Angela sick in bed

Recently, Angela came down with a mysterious puking disease, (I definitely got salmonella from a veggie pizza), and has been bedridden for the last 13 hours or so. She wanted to try to eat something, but nothing too heavy. I decided to throw together my own chicken soup for her. Now the recipe I will provide for you is nothing too outlandish and calls for items that many households have on hand all the time. This is what I had to work with after searching through our barren cabinets:

  • One 14 oz can of 25% light chicken broth
  • Onions
  • Pepper
  • Brown instant rice
  • Fresh garlic
  • Bag of frozen veggies

Now, of course I could have thawed out some chicken and cut it up and put it in the soup to make it real, hardcore chicken soup, but this girl was achin’ for something simple and quick.

I began by boiling 2 cups of water in a medium sized sauce pan. Then I added the can of broth. I let the broth and water boil together and added a couple pinches of pepper. I turned the heat on low and started making the instant brown rice. I only made 2 servings of rice and while that was cooking in a separate pan, I chopped up a clove of garlic and threw it into the soup mixture. I also chopped up half of a medium onion and threw that in.

We didn’t have any other veggies in the house besides a bag of frozen ones so I picked through and only took the carrots from the bag. I took out as many as I could find and let them thaw and cook in with the soup.

After the rice finished cooking I spooned it into the soup. Voila! A rice chicken soup, in less than 15 minutes!



i see big y foood


Jackie, your spelling of the word “voila!” had me laughing for a good fifteen seconds!


i like you can see my religious pillow that i sleep with.


how else do you spell voila?

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