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The Dead Weather gives Boston a lesson in rock [by Angela]

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The Dead Weather are 100 percent rock n’ roll.

This was made evident after a performance at Boston’s House of Blues on Saturday, when alt rock’s newest supergroup ripped through their debut album, Horehound, in an hour, leaving the diverse crowd with ringing ears and sweaty backs.

The band, comprised of Alison Mosshart, Jack Lawrence, Dean Fertita and Jack White, were formed in Nashville, Tennessee, and pull influence from The Kills, Discount, The Raconteurs, Queens of the Stone Age, The Greenhornes and The White Stripes.

One might wonder if sticking such a notable musician like White behind a drum kit would take attention away from the lead vocalist, but singer Mosshart was a true front-woman, demanding the audiences’ full attention for the show’s duration.

She spit, swiveled and screamed, covered in sweat and a leopard print jacket. At one point during her heart stopping duet with White (OMG their faces are so close to each other!), Mosshart toweled her sweaty face

jack al

and hair off with the curtain on the side of the stage. Sure, the crowd went nuts when White took a turn on the guitar, but it was Mosshart’s name they chanted before the encore (which she came out smoking a cigarette at the beginning of.)

The House of Blues was a suitable venue for the Dead Weather (the 2,425 person capacity was just right for a new but already reputable band), providing them with blue lights and strobe lights that were used throughout the entire concert.

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The lights made the experience seem surreal and gave the concert a dark, disconnected feeling. In a good way. It made the band seem like true rock-stars: untouchable, superhuman and supercool.

The rare moments in which the lights were normal made the band human again– just four people onstage trying to entertain. And picturing them on their tour bus after the show, post-shower, traveling to the next venue wasn’t so hard.

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