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Bloopers and outtakes

And now, for your viewing enjoyment … the Rock the House 10 blooper reel! We cobbled together a few of the funnier outtakes from our recent holiday sketch show and came up with a little video that includes:

Jackie tripping out in the living room

Angela singin’ the blues in the Buntology office

Rochelle and Jackie doing the mambo – or possibly the cha-cha.


Interestingly, Jackie is the star of almost every blooper. What does this say? Probably that she acts like an ass more than the rest of us.

ROCK THE HOUSE Christmas Countdown 10: The Digital Edition

Here it is, readers. What you – and we! – have been waiting for.

Rock the House Christmas Countdown 10 is ready for viewing.

The sketch documentary drama comedy fashion dance holiday party chronicle is finished. From shopping in Holyoke to drinking in the rec room, from Westfield Christmas wishes to lighting the menorah, we’ve filmed everything about the ’08 holiday season.

For those of you who don’t know, we’ve been making holiday documentaries for at least 10 years. The twins started it in 97? 98? and it’s been going strong ever since. Up until this year, we’ve been recording our exploits on old-school VHS. This year, spurred by our enthusiasm and creativity, our parents bought us a hot new digital camera. And we’re passing that hottness on to you, readers. So check it out, let us know what you think, and remember – next year, it could be YOU on RTH!!!