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Customer Service Week: ‘Thank You for Calling, How May I Help You?’


Customer Service Week is a national event devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service, and honoring the people who serve and support customers with the highest degree of care and professionalism.
Each year thousands of companies across the United States and around the world celebrate Customer Service Week. They represent leading financial, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retailing, hospitality, communications, not-for-profit and educational organizations as well as government agencies and others. What unites them is their profound commitment to quality customer service. Join them in celebrating Customer Service Week.
Customer Service Week Background

I work in customer service. While you may think this week is silly or just one more nonsensical pat on the back to people who get paid to do a job, then you have forgotten the value of good customer service.

‘Compassionate Release’ for Susan Atkins Denied

Susan Atkins, the woman who repeatedly stabbed actress Sharon Tate killing her and the baby boy she was due to deliver in two weeks (and several other people), has been denied parole once again.

Ms. Atkins has stated that Sharon Tate begged for the life of her child moments before being killed. She told the actress that she had no mercy for her. Then she killed her and the baby.

This all took place 38 years ago and have come to be known as the Manson Murders even though Charles Manson wasn’t actually there.

I Have a Vision of the Future

…I see my house– empty, all of us long dead, except for my cat Lucy who sits contentedly on my bed scratching at her fleas.

Long ago I heard this quote:


I Ecclesiastes 3
King James Bible

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

Sorry King James and all those who wrote down the word of God. I just do not see the purpose of fleas. Personally, I think they boarded Noah’s Ark on the back of some unknowing elephant. They suck the blood of their host and give nothing back but the urge to scratch.

Not Jon and Kate Plus 8


Over the past year Buntology has posted stories about politics, concerts, sporting events, movies, life and death. There has been humor and sadness, fact and fiction, movies, pictures and drawings.

Therefore, it came as quite a surprise when Jackie’s blurb about Jon and Kate’s impending break up received more hits than any other post on Buntology. And when I say surprise I mean shocking disappointment. More people are Googling about Jon and Kate than about the war and the economy [and Ivan’s animal drawings – Angela]! That is not a good sign.

Nevertheless Buntology readers, if celebrity gossip is what you really want then I am here to deliver, first hand, my brush with Hollywood…

Father’s Day for Frank Friedman one more time [by Rochelle]


Today is Father’s Day and even though I no longer have anyone to buy a card for, I can’t help but read through the choices until I find one that would have amused My Dad.

My father, Frank Friedman, would take forever to read his cards. He would make a big production out of it. Like most things involving my father it could go from entertaining to irritating depending on my age and mood.

As a teenager almost everything my father did embarrassed me.

How much for this memory? [by Rochelle]

toys copy

Finally Angela agreed to let me get rid of the many boxes of “stuff” packed away in the attic that have been collecting dust for over ten years.

Angela is loyal to a fault and refused to part with any toys, stuffed animals, posters, Barbies, etc. She didn’t want to hurt their feelings. [OK let me clarify that this is Angela of 10+ years ago. And my Cabbage Patch doll would have been upset!- Angela] This can cause problems when it comes to inanimate objects and a mother who hates clutter.

A mother’s advice at graduation [by rochelle]


Very soon my little girls, along with many others, will be graduating from college and heading out into the grown-up world of all those things you couldn’t wait to be a part of. Hopefully all of you will find work and have long, wonderful lives.

Can I please tell you just one little thing? Just the tiniest piece of advice — I swear it isn’t nonsense. I will leave all the usual stuff for your relatives to annoy you with as they hand you envelopes filled with money.

OK it is actually a two-parter.

planet stifled [by rochelle]


Last summer my darling daughter, Angela, worked for Planet Fitness. Let’s just say she was treated poorly. OK, let’s just say, they treated her like crap and the Bunt family swore they would never set foot inside their establishment.

(THEY FIRED ME FOR WEARING SANDALS! Alright, so they made me leave because I didn’t have sneakers on (they weren’t even officially open yet), and instead of going to a nearby TJ Maxx I went to a nearby 99 and got drunk. Then went back to PF to use their tanning booth. Employee discount, holler! – Angela)
Mess with one of us and you earn the wrath of us all.
Fast forward to April 5.


Timeless, classic.

A few days ago I was checking the grocery ads and noticed the spelling was reversed for Wednesday’s sales. Woah, I thought. Wait until I show this pathetic editing to Alicia. Then it hit me. April Fools’ Day is upon us once more.

Let me explain what this means to the Bunt house. It means time for Jackie to figure out something to do to Mom that will horrify her, bring her to tears, give her a heart attack. Let the terror last for just a few minutes and then let the guffaws begin. I usually am so in awe of the prank that I can’t get angry. I am usually so relieved it is a prank that I can’t get upset. Jackie is the queen of April Fools’ Day.