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Live-blogging the 2010 VMAs Despite the Fact That I Hate MTV

Although I’ve avoided MTV like the plague since I was about 18, I think that will only make this live blog better. Presenting the 2010 MTV VMAs…

(pre-show Facebook chat conversation with my friend Nick)

hahha i think ill turn this on
this is the closest ive been to instant messanger since May 09
what channel is this shizz

omg this is so awkward

haha i have it on now
VMAs bitchezz
lady gaga looks like a radish

hahaha i love her
i cant wait to talk about how drake played the wheelchair-bound ex-athlete in degrassi 

The darker side of the Grammys

Did anyone notice what wasn’t on the Grammys? Like, oh say, “Disturbia” all over the place? Or Rihanna at all? Hmm, that’s weird – Rihanna’s boyfriend, crooner Chris Brown, was missing as well. Coincidence? Or criminal complaint?

Brown, who was both a nominee and a scheduled performer, was being investigated for allegedly assaulting an unidentified woman the night before the show. He turned himself in to authorities as the show was being broadcast and was briefly held before posting $50,000 bail Sunday night, jail records showed.

Rihanna’s whereabouts weren’t immediately known.

Uh-oh! The producers then threw together a quick Justin Timberlake, Boyz II Men, Al Green and Keith Urban number.