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Further Proving That Asians Are the Best Race

According to BBC News, “Japan has come out of recession after its economy grew by 0.9 percent in the April-to-June quarter.”

While the rise is probably due to a large government stimulus package the country just received (which included money to buy energy efficient cars and home appliances), we can still give props to Japan for beating America to the punch and maintaining that they are indeed the coolest country.

“Recent figures have shown other nations coming out of recession, including Germany, France and Hong Kong, a sign the global slowdown is easing.” (BBC News)

You Americans might be wondering, “how does this affect me?” Well, it doesn’t, but doesn’t it feel good to be informed?

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Addiction: Not being unemployed

My beat is supposed to be about addictions. So here’s a new one. My job.

Let’s define, shall we? Addictions are little forces of nature which control your entire personality. Whether it’s the alcohol making you feel more confident, the pot making you more intellectual or the cigarettes making you less anxious, addictions are all the same. They control you.
Well, earlier this week, I thought I was about to go cold turkey. I thought I was out of a job.