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Ivan Spills About His Weekend Date With Paul

I know I’ll never get the chance to see The Beatles live, but when Paul came to town I felt like I came pretty close to it after watching him perform at Fenway Park in Boston, Mass. on Thursday night.

The place was absolutely packed with fans. He kicked off the evening just before 8 p.m. and played for two and a half hours. McCartney mostly played Beatles songs, and performed mostly on bass, but he did mix it up on the guitar and piano throughout the evening.

He started off the show playing “Drive My Car,” and then “Jet.”

Patrick RoboTrips for Buntology!

This week, Buntology addiction writer Patrick address issues such as: Why does Nickelback suck? Why is Jim Carrey mailing it in? And Sir Paul – a “pussy”? (Don’t worry, saying that hurts Patrick as much as it hurts us.) Read on …
Most recent pic we have of Patrick - cool hat, right?

Wow. My beat on is addiction. Does that mean the Bunts will pay for me to experiment with all kinds of substances and see if I get hooked? (We won’t pay, but we’ll help you. In the name of science!) Always wanted to try the RoboTrip. You know, when you guzzle a whole bottle of Robitussin, and 10 minutes later you’re on Mars, making friends with E.T.

Or how about doing mushrooms before flying on an airplane? Good God. Could you imagine? Pretty good odds you’d end up on the 11 o’clock news. “This just in. A commercial flight had to make an emergency landing after an unruly passenger locked himself in the bathroom and started uncontrollably weeping while reciting lines from one of Charles Manson’s songs recorded in prison. No one was injured on the flight, but more than 100 passengers vowed to never fly on an airplane again.”