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Celebrating the 4th with the Dead [by Neil]

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What could possibly be better than hanging out with thousands of like-minded music fanatics on the 4th day of July at the Rothbury Music Festival?

Celebrating our nation’s adoption of the Declaration of Independence with the surviving members of the Grateful Dead, at least for this Deadhead, was an experience that couldn’t be topped.

With such a great lineup, Rothbury had something for everyone. I was sucked in by the lure of seeing Bobby, Phil, Mickey and Bill churn out some old classics.


Angela is gearing up right this minute for her trip to Michigan to see the Rothbury Music Festival!


The festival, located in Rothbury, Michigan (duh), is four days and four nights. That’s a whole lotta not showering.

Here is the artist lineup for the weekend. Between Angela, Christina and guest writer Neil, Buntology should be covering the hell out of this event.

Some favs to look out for? The Dead, ManMan, Les Claypool, String Cheese Incident, Damien Marley ft. Nas, and Bob Dylan.

Don’t forget the Dead!

This one’s for all you jam-band junkies out there. Guest writer Neil Benjamin, a sports writer for the North Adams Transcript, taps his true talent: getting into the music. He can probably get you into the show, too. – Alicia

With all the frenzy surrounding the return of Phish, it’s easy to forget about all other music. I mean, let’s face it, Phish are musical gods.

Trey Anastasio and the boys returned from a nearly five-year absence in March, and it was all anyone seemed to talk about. Or maybe it was just me. Dreadlocks everywhere smirked with excitement.

But if you need a reminder, another fabulous band has recently returned to the spotlight. The band that originally made 20-minute songs hip is back. Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann, the surviving members of the Grateful Dead, along with friends Jeff Chimenti and Warren Haynes, embarked on their spring tour on Sunday.