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Check Out the Hoops on That Girl

It’s Friday! Jump start your weekend with this awesome hula-hooping vid created by Special Buntology Contributor Lauren Davenport. She’s been hooping for a few months now and has made amazing progress. Below you can watch her hooping to The New Deal’s “Gone Gone Gone.” If you like this, be sure to check out her YouTube channel here!


Lots more hooping and barefoot fun to come after Wormtown Festival this weekend!

Full-blood sisters review the Half-Blood Prince [by Annie and Lauren]

hpmain copy

ANNIE: First I would like to say that I am a huge Harry Potter fan (I mean, I did take a college credit English class called “The Literary Traditions of Harry Potter”). Secondly, I’ve never written a movie review before so I might be
way off track, but Lauren told me not to be stifled so I won’t be.

LAUREN: Annie and I attended the midnight showing of “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” at Regal Cinema late Tuesday night. We arrived around 10:15 p.m. and the theater was already packed.

ANNIE: The evening was enjoyable, and Lauren with her cape and wand was quite the entertainment-“you’re a wizard Harry!” I was wearing my Hufflepuff colors (yellow and black) because honestly, I would so be in Hufflepuff.

When invasive species attack!!! [by Lauren]

ldav working2

Lauren Davenport is working as a conservation intern at the Franklin Conservation Department. She was assigned to write a piece on invasive species for the Franklin newsletter, but was kind enough to share some thoughts with Buntology readers first.

“I’m not trying to bore you guys here, but I thought a little environmental science info might spice up the site, and maybe I can share some of my knowledge. I think it’s interesting, I hope you do too!”

Invasive species are rapidly spreading across the world. Invasive species are plants, animals and insects that aren’t native to the area and have a negative effect on the habitat. They invade the area economically, environmentally and ecologically.