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Jackie Explains It All


I caught some of the presidential news conference tonight on FOX.

I am not going to go too far on this just because I am not totally positive  what I am talking about (as usual. Just kidding! – Alicia). But I will say what I have heard and somewhat understood from the news conference.

Jackie’s Wild and Crazy Spring Break


Spring Break 09′ baby! It was one for the books. I started off the week by taking it easy– I had developed a tiny cough and wanted to sleep it off. The cough then developed into a horrible flu, phlegm, chills and cold disease. The rest of the vacation consisted of tissues up the nose (a Bunt girl classic…I mean, just kidding! – Angela), Game Show Network (channel 409 on Time Warner Cable) and a lot of Nyquil.

Keep Cookin’ with Jackie Bunt

Recently Jackie has started her internship at Ludlow Community Television (LCTV). At her internship she records local events and edits videos. This may have absolutely nothing to do with her major but she has managed to plug Buntology by starting her own cooking show!

We will now be including a link to Jackie’s show, “Keep Cookin’ ” where anyone can view the episodes and get the recipes, and lets keep in mind she is still learning so it isn’t perfect … yet.

To watch the first episode CLICK HERE!

The Journey Begins!

We’re an hour away from boarding the bus to Washington, D.C., where we’ll be among the millions of people gathering to watch the inauguration of the 44th president, Barack Obama. It’s gonna be historic, it’s gonna be emotional, and it’s gonna be right here on

We’ll be posting videos and writing stories from the “big event,” and hopefully bumping into some cool people. “Man on the street,” as they say in the biz. So check Buntology for news from the front lines of the Obama inauguration!

And if you’re in the Springfield area, check out Buntology on CBS 3 at 11 p.m.!


US Airways Plane Crashes in Hudson River. Does Anyone Feel Bad For The Birds? [by Jackie]

plane and pilot

So unless you live under a rock, or just never read or turn on the television, I am sure you have heard about the amazing US Airways plane crash (or smooth landing?) into the Hudson River. Shortly after takeoff a bird or probably more than one bird from the looks of it, flew into the plane’s engines forcing the pilot to crash land. There were no fatalities and the way in which the pilot landed was so smooth and perfectly done that the plane stayed afloat allowing everyone to safely get off onto the rescue boats. Who was this awesome pilot? His name is Chelsey B. “Sully” Sullenberger.