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Live-blogging Hurricane Irene in NYC

Whaddya do when you’re stuck inside with nothing to do but ride out a hurricane? You write about it, obviiii.

Saturday, 11 a.m.

Head to the store before noon (that’s when stuff started closing) to get “supplies.” Holy sh*t you would think the apocalypse struck NYC. Part of me thinks that people are just using this storm as an excuse to buy as much unhealthy food as possible and completely pig out for the weekend. Even if the storm was at its worst and lasted two full days with no water or electricity, you would. not. need. that much water or food.

this should be enough, right?

When I walked into Gristedes and saw the line wrapping all the way to the BACK of the grocery store, I legit thought, “I would rather die in a hurricane than wait in this line,” and walked out. Headed to my fav local deli and got all the necessities. Unfortunately this did not include batteries or a flashlight. Whatever. What did they do before electricity in storms? It’s called candles, people! Plus I have the flashlight app on my Iphone…