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buntology march madness


March Madness may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops at Buntology!

The alligator beat the eel with 78 percent of the votes. And the lion beat the kangaroo with 89 percent of the votes. The alligator and lion will now advance to the next round.

Click below to vote for the Eastern bracket match up of (#4) Elephant and (#5) Gorilla, and the Western bracket match up of (#2) Tiger and (#7)Wolf…

Buntology Battles Tournament – Week One

Today begins the Buntology Battles Tournament, brought to you by and Ivan Omar Project.

This is not an NCAA basketball thing. Instead, this is a fun tournament, set up similar to the March Madness bracket of the NCAA. Here I will be matching up one animal against another. All you do is vote. The one with the most votes after one week wins, and advances in the tournament. So, check it out each week and submit your comments and votes.

Battle Winner – The Bear

Alright, so it has been over a week since our battle began. Thanks to all of you fa


ns who took part in our poll. The winner is the bear by a score of 22-12.

Who do you want to see battle? Let us know by emailing us at You can suggest a contender who you’d like to see matched up in the battles. Stay tuned because soon we will include a bracket-like tournament to see an ultimate winner, based on your votes. It’ll be kind of like the March Madness, but Buntology-style.

Feel free to submit your suggestions and vote. The more we have the bigger the battle tournament can be.

Thanks friends,