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From the Womb to the Workplace

A: People always ask me what it’s like working with my mom. The truth is, I’ve been following this woman around for her entire professional career.

It's hard not to be the envy of your coworkers when you get a homemade lunch from dad, and a mom around to cut it for you.

When she was a waitress I was a hungry customer. When she was a teacher I was a student in her school (I still remember the first time I got office detention, I walked into the room it was being held and– surprise– there was my mother watching over the other offending students.) Even when she quit teaching and found work in a crunchy little grocery store, I managed to pick up an odd job that would allow me to walk over and annoy ol’ mommo. 

R: I work with my daughter. Years ago I was a teacher in the same school she attended, so it isn’t all that unusual to share space with her in a “professional” atmosphere. Oh sure, she used to come to my classroom to see if I had candy when she was supposed to be going to the bathroom but that was hardly criminal.