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Happy International Women’s Day! Psst, Do You Have a Tampon?

It’s International Women’s Day! And rather than burning our bras (Victoria’s Secret is not cheap), I thought Buntology could open up the forum to all our wonderful female readers and encourage them to share what they love about our gender.

For me, it’s the fact that women are able to be so personal with one another even if they are complete strangers. I think this idea is best exemplified by the “Drunk girls in public bathrooms” encounter. I can’t count the number of times I have bonded with women I had just met over boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, boobs, tampons, skin color (that was a funny one), all in the comfort of a graffiti-ridden bathroom.

Apparently American Eagle Dictates the Weather Now

I’m a little confused as to what “season” these looks are for. The leggings and jackets scream winter, but most of these chicks are wearing spring dresses and shorts. Oh, and what’s with that rando girl in the bikini? Not only is she out of season, but she’s wearing sneakers with a bathing suit which is just silly. I think AE is just scraping together all their leftover crap from previous collections and trying to pawn it off to naive 16-year-old consumers. But ooh, I cannot deny the amazingness of their jeans.