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A Cautionary Tale About Brunch: Film Center Café

COLIN: You know my feelings on brunch. Particularly, brunch on a Sunday. I hate to be the designated driver of the Sunday Funday set, but boys (and bois) and girls (and grrrls), let’s be realistic. Do you really want to wake up at 8:30 p.m. sweaty and cotton-mouthed, with home fries in your hair, wondering where your phone is and why your roommate is hanging half out of the bathroom, clutching a crumbly tube of Ritz crackers to her chest? 

Buntology’s ‘Websites to Watch in 2011’ List


Move over ISketch- Dudlers has got you beat.

The “social” drawing website launched only a few months ago and already has almost 700 doodles and 235 members under its belt.

The concept of Dudlers is based heavily on sharing via Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and the other usual suspects, and lets you share doodle sessions with other live users.

Besides the modern “share” aspect of Dudlers, what makes the site stand out amongst countless other computer drawing programs- even paintbrush- is that the tools actually enable you to doodle halfway decent pictures. While I could go for a little paintbucket action, the ink tool and the background image tool make me feel like an arteest every time- which is no easy feat considering I’m left handed and used a touch pad to draw this.

Check out the below comparison and tell me I’m not gifted (note the awesome embeddable thumbnail size).

club glass by Guest