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In Washington …

The Associated Press

President Barack Obama has announced he will extend federal benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees. From the Associated Press:

Obama plans to announce his decision [later Wednesday]. The move is a political nod to a reliably Democratic voting bloc that in recent weeks has grown frustrated with the White House’s slow movement on their priorities. … Several powerful gay fundraisers withdrew their support from a June 25 Democratic National Committee event where Vice President Joe Biden is expected to speak.

If you’ll recall, on the campaign trail, Obama was a soldier for gay rights. Now that he’s in office, people are dismayed, accusing him of going back on his word by supporting policies he previously criticized.

The extent of the federal coverage wasn’t available this morning, but will probably be announced later today.

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A cold Obamarama

So many people have asked me, “Hey, Alicia, how was the inauguration?” But the tone of voice people use when asking this – a little envious, a little excited – really means “How TOTALLY AWESOME was the inauguration? Did it change you as a person?”

I’m not sure what I should tell people. The truth is very harsh, and I want people to stay excited, to think it was just about the coolest, most historic thing ever. But I don’t want to feed my friends and family straight lies. So I’ve been telling a blunted version of the truth.

This dude was playing a bongo and it made the immediate area seem more like a festival. The old gent was dancing and legitimately screaming about Obama and change. The drummer was starting to get annoyed.
This dude was playing a bongo and it made the immediate area seem more like a festival. The old gent was dancing and legitimately screaming about Obama and change. The drummer was starting to get annoyed.

The truth is, I’m trying to block out Buntology’s trip to Washington like a bad acid trip.

Escape(d) from D.C.

We’re back. By God, people, we made it.


It was very, very cold, and we wandered the streets of Washington for more than six hours. Did we meet Obama? Not quite. As a matter of fact, we fared worse than the people at home – Buntology didn’t even hear his inauguration speech. We were sharing a bathroom with four other women as angry Starbucks employees banged on the door, screaming at us to get out. Now that’s what I call “Obama bringing people together.”


But at least we’ll be able to say we were there. We DID get a lot of cool interviews and stumble to some interesting places. Who knew the U.S. Postal Museum could be so cool?

Inauguration: T minus 3 days

Dirt off ya shoulder

Needless to say (but we’re gonna say it anyway), Buntology is very excited about our upcoming trip to the inauguration. We’re going to cover it extensively for those of you who can’t be “a part of history.” We’ll be bringing you articles, pics and vids straight from the big event.

We know it’s supposed to be really packed, so we’re expecting this thing to be more Woodstock than Washington. With luck, we’ll meet Barack, plug the site, and snap an Fbook photo or two with the big guy himself.

Covering the Coverage? (Presidential Election ’08)

10:15 pm
This is what I know so far. Question 1 was NOT passed (holler), question 2 WAS passed (
HOLLER) and question 3 was passed (yay!). Not sure if these are projections or what.

I also know (based on projections) that Obama took Pennsylvania and Ohio which means he basically has this shit on lock.

I’m sitting in my friends’ apartment watching the coverage. We are all drinking and hanging. I am SQUEALING inside. AJHGALJHGA. Just had to call my mom.

This is AMAZING. The first prez election I’ve been able to vote in and it is the most historical election ever!!!

We have been switching back and forth from CNN to MSNBC to FOX News. So CNN is like, “Obama is projected to win here, here and here,” and MSNBC is like “BOOO YAHHHH! OBAMA IS TAKIN’ IT AND MCCAIN HAS NO CHANCE!” and FOX is like, “Sooo…*looks around* annnywayy…”

Comedy Central is on now. I feel this crazy buzz of excitement and disbelief spreading across the country. I am actually proud to be American in this moment.

11:03 PM






Between 11:05-11:20
A bunch of us head outside armed with cameras and a notepad (I had the notepad). Groups of students were walking around and most of them heading to the Father Dean Dining Commons for Pancakes with the President! You could tell that students just wanted to be outside sharing in the vibe. The campus really did feel alive. We all gave each other high fives. (Rhymes mcgee over here. But seriously, we did.)

11:25 PM
I’m watching CNN. McCain is giving his concession speech. The crowd is pretty disheartened. Sarah Palin looks bummed, or maybe it’s just relief? Cindy and Sarah are wearing matching chiffon(?) suits.

I see McCain people hugging, chatting. Me and my roomie (and Buntology photog) are smoking a victory bowl! Sorry but it’s true. We are. We must.

“Barack Obama will become the next President of the United States,” says this dude on the news.
“People will always remember where they were the moment they first heard…”

11:40 PM
Christina and I are still watching CNN. Obama won by a LANDSLIDE. I feel so weird inside. It’s like I’m finally part of something historical and awesome. This is the first time I’ve ever felt truly connected to America and iiii like it!

12:00 PM
Obama is speaking now. He sounds great, but I can’t help being jaded about the fact that this speech was probably written weeks ago. Barack really tugs my heart strings when he says he misses his family tonight.

I’m trying to see through Obama’s presidential facade and figure out what he is actually thinking.

His speech was good. I wasn’t really moved by it, Christina says she thought it was dope. Obama did seem to get emotional toward the end.

Joe Biden is onstage now, I wonder what he is thinking.

Michelle Obama and the wife of Joe Biden come out. They are pumped. Michelle walks over to Barack and hugs him and she said something to him that I couldn’t make out. She seemed like she was consoling him almost. This must be such an intense and emotional time for Obama. Take a nap, baby boo.


I’ll have the “change sandwich” [by Will]

Obama has a significant lead over McCain and as long as he remained dishonest in the debate he would remain in the lead. And by saying “as long as he remained dishonest” I mean as long as he continued to try and hide the fact that he’s a socialist. Mission accomplished! Although he let his socialism slip in the news story with the ever famous “Joe the Plumber.” I’d like to say I’m shocked that this didn’t turn a light on over everyone’s head, but I’m not shocked. The media loves Obama so much he could say anything and they’d back him up.

I truly believe, beyond ANY reasonable doubt, that if you switched everything Obama said with what McCain said in the debate, 95% of Obama fans wouldn’t even notice. They’d be praising him. I whole heartedly believe that. And I don’t say that with the intention of insulting the intelligence of Obama fans. (Sort of). I was watching the pre-debate coverage on MSNBC and it was among the dumbest I’ve ever seen. At one point someone was asked what the biggest issue in this election is and someone said “Race.” His reasoning? He said it was because if this election only involved people under 45, Obama would win by a landslide…
Let me get this straight. If you’re over 45, you’re not voting for Obama because you don’t trust black people, and if you’re under 45 you’re OBVIOUSLY voting for Obama because you’re enlightened enough to know he’s the only REAL candidate here when you’re not blinded by the color of skin. Gotcha. Thank you MSNBC and Obama supporters. This just about sums up the following Obama has. Time for an analogy: Most Obama supporters are like starving gluttons lined up in a row ready for Obama to feed them a ‘CHANGE sandwich.’ For six months they high five each other and stuff themselves with this ‘change sandwich’ until next year comes around. By now they’ve been eating so fast and for so long that they finally take a moment to look down and notice what they’re really eating. A poop sandwich of deception, socialism, drizzled with a low-fat ‘friendly demeanor’ sauce. Oh that’s why it tasted so good.

Sorry to deflate the Obama balloon (no I’m not) [by Will]

It’s obvious that anyone who doesn’t like Barack Obama doesn’t like him because they’re a racist.

Come on. Let me begin by saying by almost no means am I a McCain fan. If I ever diss Obama, everyone’s like “Yeah well thats because you LOVE John McCain… and George Bush!” Wrong. “Will, don’t you know how stupid McCain is?!” OK, I don’t disagree, stop trying to make me. McCain is certainly not a good candidate and he’s not a maverick. All he does is try to play off what will win him votes. Sarah Palin anyone? How about voting for the bailout because that was the popular thing to do at the time? He’s also anything but a conservative. John McCain sucks. But Barack Obama is worse.

You know how a lot of people hate religion solely because of religious people? They don’t hate God, but they hate God’s fanclub. Admittedly that’s a huge part of the reason I hate Barack Obama. Everyone loves him for all the wrong reasons. I’ve said before I’m not too political, and that’s true. But can’t help but feel like I’m well-informed when a typical stance for Obama that his fans give me usually sounds something like this: “He’s for the people man! It’s time for CHANGE. He’s such a great speaker and… dude, you’re racist.” Yes. Little did most of you know my middle name is Adolf. If we’re playing the race card here, let’s try and approach this fairly and look at a few things we KNOW about Obama.

The church Barack Obama attended, baptized his children in, and gave money to was led by Reverend Wright. Reverend Wright. Reverend Wright is a racist. If you don’t think so or aren’t sure, Google his name or type it into YouTube and watch any video and listen to anything he says. I won’t even quote him because I’m overly confident that if anyone does a search for him all you’ll find is hate speech. This is literally the equivalent of John McCain donating money to the KKK every week. It is. But I’ll play fair. Let’s give Obama the benefit of the doubt (the same way we’d naturally give McCain the benefit of the doubt if he were donating money to the KKK) and assume Obama ONLY attends that church for the donuts after the service is over. Hey I like Krispy Kreme and I’ll sit through a sermon of “God damn America!” to enjoy a handful. Let’s even give him that much and assume he’s not a racist… Why else should someone dislike him?

Well there’s really no reason to dislike Obama if you like Socialism. Obama and Socialism go together like Tuna, Noodles, and Surprise. Mmmm. I liked Robin Hood when I was a kid, but at some point I remember thinking, “Robin Hood is… kind of a bad guy.” Taking money from the wealthy and giving it directly to the poor, or using it on programs for the poor is actual Socialism. It’s taking money from people who worked for it and earned it, and giving it to people who didn’t. That’s one of the only things that is clear that Obama will be doing if he’s president. The worst part of that is, it actually directly effects the middle class as well. Let’s give an extreme example and say we start taxing the oil companies 300% what we tax them now. They’re greedy bastards anyway, they deserve it! All that happens now is gas prices go up 300% and they make the same money they’re used to and you either start walking to the liquor store OR fill up for nine dollars a gallon to drive yourself there to feed your habit (…Jackie) The oil companies could really care less. If you want to save time and cut out the middle man, you can not elect Barack Obama and instead every week find a homeless person and give them half of your paycheck. I find that it helps to really imagine yourself doing it. You can work 20 hours a week for yourself and your own interest, then proceed to work another 20 for someone you’ve never met and programs you don’t care about. (And don’t roll your eyes at me, I can actually see you doing it!) If you think it sounds extreme, it’s not. When you can finally retire at 85 years old, I won’t say I told you so. I’ll just redirect you to to view that article from October 2008. By that time the Bunt girls will inevitably be living large off the buntology profits… but not really because 3/4 of their first million went to a government program authorized by Barack Obama to provide free hairspray to contemporary pet groomers to start styling their poodle’s with some zazzy new dews! But I think we can all agree upon the “end all” question. Is staring at Barack Obama’s handsome face for the next four years worth the cost? Hell. Yes. Where do I sign?