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Sweepstakes Addictions


I have always been a big sweepstakes, contests, can-collecting, and picking-pennies-off-the-ground kinda girl. I am not ashamed to pick up a recyclable or any loose change left on the floor somewhere. As of right now, I actually have more than$100 in my piggy bank.

As a young’n I used to win coloring contests and gift giveaways all the time. After spending lots of money on scratch tickets and lottery tickets I feel like the magic has somewhat worn off, but I still think that maybe one day I will hit the jackpot.

Over the past month I have been all about sports. Whether it be hockey, baseball, soccer, or even cricket, I am always checking scores and player stats. I never used to pay that much attention or even really enjoy watching games on TV, but lately I have grown to love it. This can be chalked up to my addiction to any sweepstakes / way to make or win money quick.

At the beginning of the month I was amazed to find that there was a way to bet on games and players’ scores FOR FREE. And, if you get a certain amount of things right in a row, you can win $1 million dollars! Apparently this has been something that ESPN has had going on for months now, but I only just discovered it and I am addicted. Sure, I’m only on a two-game winning streak, but I have gotten up to six once. You need 27. I decided this month is just for practice, but next month I am making my way to the million. Well, probably not, but I will spend hours and hours of my life trying to figure out if I can.

I also found something similar on You need to choose a different player to get a hit from any game that day and after getting 57 hits correct in a row you win $1 million dollars! So far I have six hits in a row. I don’t know what I will do with my $2 million, maybe buy a bunch of scratch tickets. In the meantime, I’ll continue to walk around the Westfield State College campus collecting cans and bringing them in for change.



Like a homeless person. You’re the prettiest little hobo I know! And by prettiest I mean most annoying.

angie cakes

“Over the past month I have been all about sports.” — way to make me look bad, jack!


Way to pay back those school loans…


Good luck with that. 🙂 Of course.. I still put out my $5 or so on powerball tickets, and check my streak on mlb (hmm should do that now..)


you know me jack…i always take quarters as payment

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