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Sunday Bites

Nobody likes a Sunday evening. To soften the blow, Buntology thought it would dish out bites from the Big Apple collected throughout the course of the week. (And the puns don’t stop)       … … …

1. On second thought, maybe Union Square wasn’t the best place to meet up on Saturday afternoon. Listen around 20 seconds in for me screaming at Colin into the phone, “I’m in it! I’m in it! Oh God!” in regards to the massive protest that was taking place.

2. Good thing H&M sucks, or I might be bummed that only blondes are allowed to shop there.

3. “Look, ma! I met Morgan Freeman!” One of the only good things about walking through Times Square is that I can stop in th

e middle of the street to take a picture , becaus e that’s what everybody else is doing. #douchebagtourist

4. Nothing more effective than a “before and after” picture hung up in a subway platform. The only way to escape such messaging is to jump in front of the train. Or take a taxi.


Rochelle Bunt

OMG! This is hysterical. MORE! I want MORE Sunday Bites. It is much better than the Sunday News which is filled with nasty stuff like.. murder and war and corruption and stuff. YUCK. 🙂

big daddy

ha ha this is great!!!! but since it is a bite of the big apple, it should be referred to “as the CORES of the week.” no? okay, sorry.

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