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Sunday Bites

There’s nothing better than a relaxing Sunday, filled with sleeping, eating, and sleeping and eating. Also potentially nursing a hangover and laying in bed watching YouTube videos all morning. That’s why we’ve decided to welcome back our weekly Sunday Bites¬†feature, only instead of random “bites out of the Big Apple” (yeah, pretty clever) we’re going to start bringing you recipes!

This week, Angela attempts homemade mozzarella sticks. How can you go wrong with cheese and breadcrumbs?
Right off the bat, the most appealing part of this recipe was the small amount of ingredients and low cost. Apparently fatty food is much cheaper to cook than leafy greens. (#America’s obesity problem in a nutshell.) I opted to bake the mozz sticks (you know, the Moz) rather than fry them, because 1. it’s way easier and less messy and 2. I have weird guilt issues about eating things that are fried.

food cheese stick ing
A gluten-free vegan’s worst nightmare. Coincidentally, a gluten-free vegan is my worst nightmare.

Eggs (1 or 2)
Mozzarella cheese (duh)
Parmesan cheese (because why the hell not)

You know what’s funny is that I have no idea why there is even milk in this picture. It isn’t an ingredient… I guess I was just in a dairy state of mind.

Step 1
Get your flour, breadcrumbs and eggs ready. This will make your life a lot easier once you’re coating the actual cheese sticks. Like this:

food cheese ticket ing 2
Flour, eggs, breadcrumbs. Boom boom pow.

In an effort to fool myself into thinking I’m being healthy, I use unseasoned wheat breadcrumbs to cook with. Because da’ crumbs are unseasoned, I made sure to mix in my own spices: salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and a little bit of curry because I try to live life on the wild side.

Step 2
Cut the cheese. (Har har har.) Most recipes I saw were like, “get a package of the mozzarella cheese strings” because they already come in a cylindrical shape. But, because I was mostly making this recipe as an excuse to eat a shit load of mozzarella cheese, I opted for a block. Honestly, you can make these things into the shape of trapezoids, in the end you’re just eating a glorified hunk of cheese so it really doesn’t matter much.

food fuck in cheese
I ate the C.

Step 3
Roll the cheese in flower, cover it in egg wash, roll it in the breadcrumbs, put it on a cooking tray. Rinse, lather, repeat. When you’re done they’ll look something like this:

food cheese on tray
That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Step 4
So you actually have to freeze these things for a little while before you cook them, but you can just pop the whole tray right into the freezer. It takes about 30 minutes for them to harden. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees while you wait.

Step 5
You’re going to want to cook the sticks on one side for 4-5 minutes, then turn them on their other side for another 4-5 minutes. There’s a fine line between making them crispy and melting them, so keep an eye out.

Once they’re finished, they’ll look kinda’ like this:

food mozz sticks main

Slather on your condiment of choice and enjoy!



Somehow you manage to make even cooking funny



thanks guys!!! when i am cooking, it is funny (because I’m so inept.) xoxoxo


Cheese? perfect food.baked not fried…I see I have impacted your life with my ocd with food.

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