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Summer of Love Comes to an End

Saturday marked the final night of summer vacation, also known as the Summer of Love. It was bittersweet — after a long summer of adventure in this one-horse town, we’re all ready to move on to the next phase – Westfield. Wait a moment .. I don’t go to Westfield. O god. I go to MCLA. Which means that while my sisters escape North Adams and get to party it out with all these people in Whip City, I’ll be here, nose to the grindstone with my day job and my school. Thank god MCLA is so easy. 

Angela, Jackie and I first went out to the towniest townie bar, the Pitcher’s Mound. It’s where we brought all the visitors we had all summer. But Saturday, it was just us Berkshire County kids. Emma and Steve joined us. At the Mound, we ran into lots of MCLA kids back in town. People who choose to go to MCLA fall into two categories: Artsy theater people with gauzy skirts and green hair and a modicum of talent and .. dumb people. And townies who work at their hometown newspaper.

Uh, where was I? Right. We were pluggin’ like crazy. We passed out our “card” to tons of people, and even took some fan shots. We found some guys dressed up in costumes, and Angela brazenly asked if she could shoot some pics. We also took a photo of Erin Millard, who we’ve known for years, and her really great dress.

We next went to Key West, which is this really classy joint: valet parking, velvet rope, candelabras and Courvossier. Luckily, we Bunt girls are pretty well-known, so we were quickly ushered into the VIP area and greeted with jello shots. We continued to plug like it was our job.

Oh, wait …

Bottom line, we had some fun, and we wish you could have been there.



Thank God! No more meeting strange young men on my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night,(Tim)or stepping over them on my dining room floor(Zach), no more odd smells coming from my basement (too many names), no more laughter and tears at 3 AM (mostly my own). The summer of love is over… the Final Fall(of college) begins.




hahah im pretty sure all of those things happened on the bunt bbq night…aww i miss the bunt house!
<3 Amy

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