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Summer Music Recap: The Stuff That You Didn’t See

Can you believe it’s almost October? And while Fall happens to be my favorite season (hoodies, hoodies, hoodies), I can’t help but think that this summer flew by particularly fast. I think it has something to do with all of the amazing shows and festivals I attended.

Here’s a look back at some of the music that didn’t make it to the website…

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros – 7/25 @ Pearl Street in Noho, Mass.
The night started with some delicious food at what my friend and I crowned Noho’s “best kept secret” Chinese restaurant*, complete with fortune coookies and a bunch of discriminatory douchebags at the table to our right (see picture)

The show was awesome and awesomely sweaty, and we drank lots of overpriced drinks and tried to find girls in rompers. Fail. Instead we found this guy in this awesome hat:

On the ride home me and the car full of ladies I was with discovered the Crosby, Still and Nash CD my dad had left in my car and we held a small concert in the Toyota. *I have no idea if this place is a secret or not

MGMT – 8/11 @ Mountain Park in Holyoke, Mass.

I went into this concert fully knowing that MGMT doesn’t have the best track record in terms of live performances. In fact I don’t even really listen to MGMT, but some of my best friends were going to the show and I wanted to check out the Mountain Park venue.

While the band certainly didn’t wow me, they had pretty good stage presence and some of their songs (like their non-synth aka non-hits) were decent. Also, the venue was amazing- it was basically a beautiful rolling hill with a stage at the bottom of it, and super spacious. And of course the friends were the best part.

Devendra Banhart & the Grogs (w. Adam Green) – 8/19 @ Terminal 5 in NYC


flew solo to this show during one of my work trips to NYC. While this might deter some people from going to a concert, I relish in the fact that my inner freak flag can fly even higher and that nobody can judge me for gushing about how much I <3 DEVENDRA!!! I arrived, scooted to the front, and immediately made friends with a group of girls just in time for the show to start. (Lucky for me these girls also had a joint.) Adam Green opened and blew me away, which is always a pleasant surprise when you’re unfamiliar with the opening act.

Devendra came on after with his Grogs and was looking so hot… I always try to not be a fan girl but I couldn’t help it. His hair cut is amazing! I had seen DB&tG in Boston last year and this show was a lot more upbeat. I attribute this to the fact that in Boston we were seated and in NYC it was standing room only. He still didn’t play So Long Old Bean, An Island, At the Hop, Saved (I could go on and on because I love all of his music), but did get to hear some greats like Seahorse, The Body Breaks, Shabop Shalom and an awesome cover of Tell It to My Heart. *CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO OF DEVENDRA PERFORMING “THE BODY BREAKS”*

Reggae Soul Dance Party with Meta and the Cornerstones – 9/5 @ Mass Moca in North Adams, Mass.

Nothing like a good reggae show, especially one that’s a five minute walk from your house. I love going to shows at Mass Moca (*ahem* largest contemporary art museum in the world) because they serve beer and wine, and I always end up getting cups of Steel Rail and after three of those I’m good for the night. This show was no different, and because it was held ou

tside of the museum in Courtyard C, everybody got to dance on a fun stage with colorful lights.

It made for a very good atmosphere- so  good, in fact, that the singer of the Cornerstones didn’t want to stop playing, “We’ll play one more– we’ve got a good vibe going, right?” I was also dancing next to this awesome group of cougars who were clearly sleeping with the band later that night:

As always, please check out our FLICKR page for full photo galleries of the shows listed in this article- I’m not taking them for my health, people!!!



MM Devendra is hot. Is this his name? hmmm


yes it is. and yes he is. it was a great show, too!


I am glad you had such a great summer…now get packing girl.. There is a big city waiting for your arrival.

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