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Stuff I Listen to on the Subway: Fear Nuttin Band

Fear Nuttin Band – “Move Positive”

"Move Positive" was released on April 5, 20011 on BoomBlaze Records.

Who Are They: Reggae / rock / yardcore from Springfield, Massachusetts
Roosta – vocals
Prowla – vocals
Christafari BoomBlaze Regan – guitar
Jay Chung – guitar & vocals
Brian from Zion – bass
Mike Fuchs – drums

Sound Like: If Sean Paul and Boyz II Men collaborated on a hardcore album

Top Tracks: Move Positive, Oh My, Real Life Soldiers (Dem Lookin)

Fear Nuttin Band is one of the most energetic live acts I’ve ever seen.

I had listened to “Move Positive,” the band’s second full-length album, several times when riding the trusty 4/5/6 train to work. While it definitely got my head bopping, it wasn’t until watching the group perform at Bella Terra Festival that I grew a true appreciation for this album.

Formed in 2001 in Western Mass (yes- I have a HUGE soft spot for Western Mass artists), this 6-piece band is on a self-proclaimed mission to “unify the music, unify the people,” and their album does just that.

By drawing influence from metal, reggae, rap, Jamaican dance-hall, and even some poppy crooning, “Move Positive” truly has something for everyone. And the one common thread throughout the 13-track CD? This shit MOVES.

Even the slower numbers like “Standing by the Wall” or “They Are So Regular,” are packed with energy and enthusiasm, and are perfectly nestled between even harder dance songs like “Real Life Soldiers (Dem Lookin)” and “Beware a Dem.”

But let’s not let the helplessly infectious beats overshadow the truly unifying aspect of this album- the lyrics. Serious songs like “Oh My” highlight problems like violence and corruption among the youth of Jamaica, yet in the next breath a more light-hearted fare involving a pocket-dialing incident allows listeners to laugh and think, “been there, done that,” (on song “Pocket-Dial.”)

The universal themes of FNB’s lyrics, coupled with their contagious reggae beats and highly energetic live shows, makes this album a “must-listen.”

(And if you’re lucky you’ll get a chance to listen live. Check them out on September 17 at the Hungry Tiger in Manchester, CT., and on September 24 at Nectars in Burlington, VT., performing with Doctor Doom Orchestra.)


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Boom Blaze!

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