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So Many Movies, and So Much Time [by Jackie]


There are so many movies in this world and with so much time on my hands I have been able to watch over 10 in the last two days. Yeah so what? Maybe I have turned into a hermit and haven’t bathed or left my bed for days, but I have been watching new releases and award-winning movies for free!

Last week after finishing the well known book, “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer (that’s right, Stephenie not Stephanie) I became obsessed. I wanted to watch the movie that is currently out in theaters but nobody would go with me. So I started to dig around..I was mad I tell you! Simply Mad! I had to find this movie online if it was the last thing I did. So finally after a google here and a google there I found just what I was looking for. I ended up watching the movie Twilight three or four times. I also discovered that there were tons of other movies on this site that I could watch..I thought there would be a catch but after watching close to 12 movies I haven’t paid a dime nor has the FBI shown up at my house to take me away.

Now based on a 1-5 rating (five being the best) I will give you a little insight on some of the movies I have watched.

First there was of course “Twilight.” I think I anyone who read the book would really like the movie, but if you didn’t read the book or are a guy you probably wouldn’t like it too much. I give it a 3.6 because the actor who plays Edward (Robert Pattinson)is so hot. I don’t give it a 5 because there are no sex scenes.

Next was “Bedtime Stories”, starring Adam Sandler. It was a cute movie, I laughed I cried, the whole works. I give it a 3, it was just what you would expect of a Adam Sandler movie but not quite as funny.

After that I watched “Yes Man,” the new Jim Carrey movie. I only give this movie a 2.5 because..well I guess it just wasn’t that good. Not to mention the copy I watched was a little blurry and the sound got weird..I guess an usher walked into the theater!

Then there was the movie, “Taken” with Liam Neeson. This was a 4 rated movie folks! Liam Neeson is this retired undercover spy for the government and his daughter gets taken ( get it? taken?) and he goes and kills all these people and finds her before she gets sold to the underground prostitution drug world. It was really good because it was fast paced he didn’t dilly dally around.

Now the best movie that I have watched by far is the movie starring Angelina Jolie and the hot guy from the TV show “Burn Notice”( Jeffrey Donovan). “Changeling” with the famous line, ” I want MY SON!” 5 star movie people! It was really good, it was sad too, based on a true story about a mother who loses her son back during the 1930’s and the cops are all crooked and all this craziness.

I cried at a lot of these movies but I cried more about a dog than a missing son in the movie, “Marley and Me”. This movie kinda sucked. Now I read the book so I went along and was like Ohhh this is gonna happen, and this and this. It was fun to watch but for anyone who didn’t read the book would probably be like ok this movie is just about this family nothing crazy going on just this dog. But when the dog got put to sleep…(Niagara Falls Frankie Angel) This movie only gets a 2, sorry Owen Wilson don’t take it to heart.Eeek we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen… I made Angela and Alicia watch some of this movie with me:

“You’ve already watched 20 minutes of this [the bootlegged movie] and you’re almost halfway through. It must be like, so short.” -angela
“No, this is only part one. It’s two hours long.” – Jackie
“Oh God, I want to kill myself already.” – Alicia
“Jackie, you have to write a review of this.” -angela
“OK, why don’t you shut the fuck up then.” – Jackie
“Oh, what are you missing? Arf, arf! Marley, Marley!” – Alicia

Needless to say they didn’t care for it too much.

While this may seem immoral or just plain wrong to some of you folk I feel that it will only be a matter of time before this website gets shut down, so why not take advantage of it now. Of course this web site isn’t perfect. It takes a while for some of the videos to load fully and with some of the movie players on the site Advertisements will pop up in the middle of the flick and force me to start it from the beginning. But hey I guess you get what you pay for right? Har Har Har.



This is called STEALING, Jackie. I’m tellin’


seems likely that they will come out with a Twilight sequel pretty soon, there’s a crazy lot of ticket sales at stake

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