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Since We Last Spoke…

…so many awesome things have happened!

Angela finished up work at Everyday Health and is relocating to New York City at the end of the month to start her new job- and to open up a satellite office for Buntology. In the interim, she’s using her time off to catch up on all the things that she’s been too busy to do since working:

Of course the big move will be chronicled in a yet-untitled, but captivating series for the site.

Jackie also quit her job! She left work as a dental assistant and is now pursuing acting full time. You can watch her here in her Destination Weddings video debut:

Rod got Facebook, Rochelle got a kidney stone, and together they bought a new Toyota Rav 4:

Anddd Alicia… well we’re not really sure what Alicia is doing.

A big thank you to all of the readers for your patience while we took a little end-of-Summer vacation– lots of exciting things to come, including:

-Summer Music Recap: The Stuff You Didn’t See
-Wormtown Festival
-The “Holy Shit I’m Moving to NYC” Moving Blog* by Angela

… and more!!!

*tentatively titled



hahahaha I need a job.


Jackie, not that you weren’t great… but that video…. wow.


Angela left already? … There’s a new Bunt-Mobile? The kidney stone hasn’t been defeated yet? Jackie quit the dental office? And Alicia??? OMG … such excitement!!!


Way to show our license plate number. Expect the feds at the house anytime now….

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