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Silent Disco: Quietly invading Boston

Silent disco? What the hell is that?”

Avid silent disco-goers are all too familiar with this question.

So… what is it?

Silent disco is a new way to experience live music” says George Gayl, co-founder of the event and provider of Silent Storm Sound System.

At a silent disco event everyone is provided with a pair of wireless headphones upon entry.

Through these headphones stream the live music being performed by the DJ or artist of the evening. Each pair of headphones comes equipped with a volume control knob and a mute button. Want to rock out? Crank your volume up! Want to talk to your friends? Hold the mute button down.

OK, so get it? Still skeptical? “Try it, you’ll probably love it. We love converting skeptics,” says Gayl.

Silent Storm Sound System is Boston’s first and only silent disco experience provider. Co-founders Julia Kuder and George Gayl started the Boston movement circa fall 2009. Boston is currently one of the only U.S. cities with consistent silent disco events. The SD craze was all the rage throughout Europe and is slowly but surely invading the U.S. festival and live music scene. With Kuder’s upcoming move to Philadelphia, and Gayl’s to San Francisco, Silent Storm Sound System will soon be a nation-wide silent disco provider.

Experiencing live music through the SSSS has many advantages. “You’ve got excellent sound quality no matter where you are in the venue – even in the restroom! It sounds like you’re standing right by the speakers everywhere. It’s also very easy to have a normal conversation with someone if you prefer to have a chat – no need to scream over the pounding speaker system,” says Gayl.

And how many of us have wanted to have a party but were hesitant due to the chance of noise complaints? SSSS has the answer: “It’s now possible to have a live music event at places you never could before due to loud noise restrictions and amplified sound ordinances. All that goes out the window, and the music goes directly in your ears. Whether it’s an event outdoors, or at a house party with sensitive neighbors- no noise, no problem.”

SSSS even offers the opportunity to rent the silent disco equipment to throw your own party!

Live music addicts may have experienced Silent Disco at several festivals this summer including Nateva, KahBang, Bonaroo and Camp Bisco. Or at venues throughout the Boston area including OM, Wonder Bar, The Draft, The Good Life, and the MIT sailing pavilion along the Charles River.

Want to join the fun? Keep yours eyes peeled and your ears perched as new events are announced daily. Friend request Silent Storm on Facebook to stay in the loop. You can also experience Silent Disco every Thursday night at OM in Harvard Sq., Boston.

For booking information or any other inquiries email .

So there you have it – hope to see you at the next Silent Disco event!


Victoria Michaud

I went to the Silent Disco at Model Cafe in Allston back in June. It was one of the monthly Legacy events. It was bananas!! Been to a few at OM in Cambridge too, Voltran & Flavorheard rocked. Silent Disco people, you gotta get Sterling Golden behind the booth again! The one at Model was the best by far! Out, Vici


Silent Disco is a party phenomenon that is sweeping through the festival, club and party circuits of Europe and around the globe.

our Silent Disco Transmitters and Radio Frequency Receiver Headphones allow multiple DJs or soundsources to be broadcast to one crowd simultaneously(usually with ridiculous results).

So, at any time you might see people ‘Raving it Up’ to The Prodigys Firestarter, some cool cats ‘Funking on Down’ to James Brown, and others ‘Cheesing it up’ to Agadoo!- and why Not? Possibly one of the funniest things you will EVER see on a dancefloor:

Silent Disco

We had a blast at Nateva and at the Model! Can’t wait to see you on the dance floor soon!

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