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short pitching outing for the L.A. Angels [by Ivan]


The Los Angeles Angels, a team many people predicted to do well this year, got off to an interesting start last Saturday when they played the Texas Rangers.

The Angels have been in second place in the AL West behind the Texas team, but now with the return of Ervin Santana and ace John Lackey, they are looking to moving back up top.

Lackey made his season debut against the Texas Rangers at Saturday’s game, and he did not last long. He only lasted two pitches to be exact.

Lackey returned to the Angels lineup and faced one batter, Ian Kinsler. He threw one pitch behind him, while the next pitch beamed him on the side. Lackey was immediately thrown out of the game — after just two pitches!

Was it on purpose? I think so, but we may never know for sure. The ace Lackey will probably miss a little more time now if he gets suspended.

Welcome back John Lackey!



he said it was on purpose. Lackey is a scumbag anyway so it doesnt matter much


Lackey = Role Model for little leaguers!
haha… yea right

– Ivan O. Cordero

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