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Set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul

You've got to run like an antelope. Out of control.

Ange and Xtina are out of CONTROL right this minute at Phenway – I mean, Fenway – Park, dancing, drinking and plugging the site at the first Phish show of their summer tour!

I, needless to say, am almost paralyzed with jealousy. I am a prettttty big Phish fan, but I had to work. As usual. Luckily, the girls are sending me textual updates and pics, which I’ll pass onto you readers. The first song? “Sample in a Jar.” I LOVE YOU TREY!!!!

More photos and a set list after the jump.

PHENWAY, baby!

Sample in a Jar > Chalkdust Torture > Stash > Bouncing Around the Room > Wading in the Velvet Sea > Down With Disease > Character Zero

Why am I not here?

Oh, after this, the girls snuck past security to get way, way closer. Angela’s text read “Got on the floor. Very intense. Hurried past security.” I’m assuming they will have met Trey and he will have signed on to a five-article Buntology contract by the time this post hits the web.

Much closer.

From the girls: “It’s set break btw. so word on the street is this is a sold out show” … Then: “and starting” … “tweezer opening second set”

"Tweezer" opened the second set.

Bathtub Gin > David Bowie > NEW SINGLE: Time Turns Elastic > Free > Curtis Lowe > You Enjoy Myself > “Crazy vocal a capella”

Oh. My. God.

Picture of Nectar > Good Times Bad Times > Tweezer Reprise

“And i’m spent FUCKING AWESOME”

Me, at work, looking and feeling miserable. TREYYYYY

Well, there you have, it folks. The very dedicated, very hardcore Angela and Xtina, raging with one of MY fave bands, Phish. That I introduced Ange to. But couldn’t go to the show. I just sat at work, took texts from the girls, calls from Ange in which she kindly tried to let me hear “Stash” and “Free” or I don’t even know because I COULDN’T HEAR BECAUSE I WASN’T THERE I WAS SITTING IN AN OFFICE DAMMIT TREY I LOVE YOU



tears in my eyes throughout that whole show…

dude i can’t believe how good ur phone takes pics, that looks like a real camera?


i am clearly very excited as anyone could easily tell from the first pic…



not to be a dick, but the song isnt picture of nectar…its called cavern. please do not insult me like this again or i am going to bring buntology down single handedly.

that being said, that show was one of the highlights of my life. i definitely got teary eyed when the first notes to sample in a jar hit my ears. the bowie was sick but does anything top a good ol chalkdust torture?


So proud that my girl got past security and closer to the stage. Reminds me of my days back at the Nassau Colliseum…..the man never kept me down either.


Glad to see you ladies had a blast! 🙂


I really want sontehimg good to happen for Christina Milian. I hope sontehimg blows up and she gets into movies, SOMETHING. She deserves it. I’ve always been a fan. And Angela looks great her body is the truth!! but she better watch out after she has some kids! She gone have to do some serious working out to keep that cute shape. You can tell it’s just waiting to spread! LOL

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