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Saturday suggestion: The DNR

The fine gentlemen over at the Home Plate made me a new drink to review for the site last night. If I must …

Peels pours a couple DNRs.


Ryan and I sample the cocktail ...


Just finished puking my face off at my office.

Still interested? Read on.

So last night, Peels the Bartender shook me up a couple DNRs. For those of you who haven’t A) worked in health care or B) had a dying friend, DNR is the order on a patient’s info sheet that means Do Not Recussitate.


The creator of this drink is actually Glen, another Home Plate fellow who apparently dreams up night-altering drinks in his spare time. The guys told me you always have to make two DNRs because it’s too strong a drink to consume alone. So I beseeched my friend Ryan to sample the cocktail with me. He was a good sport about it. (Sorry, Ry.)

It’s served in small enough a glass that you can sip it or shoot it. Thank GOD I didn’t shoot it, because I would have ended up in jail. Or in a ditch. Or in a ditch with a cop, I don’t know. I hadn’t really planned to get drunk last night, but I guess the DNR didn’t care about my plans.

Here’s the recipe, courtesy of Glen.

Glen kindly writes me down the recipe.

Proceed with caution.


1 oz blueberry vodka

1 oz strawberry vodka

1/2 an orange

1 oz pineapple juice

1 oz orange juice

Splash of cranberry juice OR grenadine (I had grenadine)

Shake, serve.

It’s a little sweet and very acidic for my taste, but I mean, if a dude bought me one, I wouldn’t send it back. I just wouldn’t advise having more than, oh, two of these. Certainly not three. 10 a.m. found me throwing up in The Berkshire Eagle bathroom. Thanks, Glen!



Ya know, it seems my daughters do an awful lot of vomiting. This is not good for the teeth which I have spent a great deal of money on.


hahaha omg that’s a great comment from Mama Bunt!


Great post, but its a bit long and most people like short and sweet posts!

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