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Angela is gearing up right this minute for her trip to Michigan to see the Rothbury Music Festival!


The festival, located in Rothbury, Michigan (duh), is four days and four nights. That’s a whole lotta not showering.

Here is the artist lineup for the weekend. Between Angela, Christina and guest writer Neil, Buntology should be covering the hell out of this event.

Some favs to look out for? The Dead, ManMan, Les Claypool, String Cheese Incident, Damien Marley ft. Nas, and Bob Dylan.

Besides four full days of amazing music, the festival will also provide yoga every morning, and, perhaps the coolest thing, the Speak EZ circus. “Keep your eyes open for face painters, feats of acrobatic delight, jugglers, costumed stilt walkers, aerialists dangling from trees, circle shows, and so much more! Be prepared to be enchanted and amazed!”

The festival also boasts a “Think Tank” based on the idea of a new green economy and energy independence. “The ROTHBURY Think Tank is an event within the event, offering various buzz sessions and roundtables between leading scientists, scholars, writers, progressive political and corporate leaders, youth leaders, ROTHBURY artists, and…you.”

Sounds good to Buntology!

The drive is about 15 hours, and Angela is getting picked up in about three hours, so updates from the road are a definite. Stay tuned!


Big Daddy Bunt

Please be careful, sweetie!

and as you look around the drum circle, remember the difference between a hippie and a bum.

eh, what was that again?

Oh yeah, the bums really aren’t familiar with the set list.
dad xo


hahahahaha. so true!

love you!

pt barnummmmm uncle sammm…. wait what?


MANMAN!!!!!!! in 36 hours and 22 minutes


Have fun! I’ll be there all weekend taking HDR photos for my blog.

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