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Review of Whip City Brew in Westfield, MA

As a 21-year-old student at Westfield State College, I am telling fellow Westodians that Whip City Brew is the place to be! Well, it is if you are looking for a good time that won’t include sweaty people rubbing all up on you (Uh, I kind of am – Alicia) and loud loud music. If you are a fan of just breathing room in general you will like this bar. 

whip city brew

Last week instead up hitting up the go-to college bars me and some pals headed over to the ol’ Whip. As soon as I walked in I got a good vibe … well good minus the weird older guys in the corner who were geezing at us. (Hey, you didn’t care when they started buying us drinks.)

First of all there was space to move around and diddle. I could make my way up to the bar and get drinks in a short period of time. (The drinks which were 99 cents for a 16 oz. of beer! Holler!) Anyways, there were two pool tables, which is awesome because I am the pool master and by master I mean the best and by best I mean god-awful.

The Whip also provided a nice little dance floor, which Alicia and I took over as soon as we got a few drinks in us. Lets just say we owned that flo! The DJ played “American Boy” by Estelle f. Kanye and by the end of the song we were getting free shots from the bar and I was drenched in sweat. I am usually drenched in sweat but that is another story for another day.. ( coming soon: Jackie’s Temperature Sensitivity Disorder). There was also a huge outdoor patio deck which was nice to step out onto if you need to get some air.

Overall, Whip City Brew has low prices and a nice atmosphere. Come on down! Who knows, maybe I will see you on the dance floor?



Ummmm Is ANge grabbing someone’s butt in that pic?


I think I liked that place, except for the endless number of scary townies. You know the ones Jackie. THE MUTHAS FROM AHHHLINGTON who burn theeeeya cigarettes out on YA FACE


This is slanderous. MY Daughters certainly do not go to taverns or other places where liquor is served.Love, dad.

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