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We’ll Do it Live!!!!

Buntology frenemy and Westfield State College student Steve Cimino recently slipped us a news tip (is it just us, or was that sentence arousing?). 

CampusLive,” SUC told us. “You bitches betta recognize!” Or something like that.

Anyway, we heeded little Stephen’s advice and checked out this CampusLive.

Now, as you all know, Bunt girls don’t like to make snap judgments. We don’t just examine something briefly, deem it useless or boring and toss it away like an unwanted child a boyfriend garbage. So you know we examined this CampusLive extensively before forming an opinion.

We like it!!!

CampusLive is network of college campus Web sites, services and resources. They currently serve 27 campuses nationwide, and add more schools to their roster all the time. You tell them where you attend school, they send you to the page for your campus. You can customize what gadgets and modules and whatev else you want on there. Kind of like your iGoogle homepage, CampusLive serves up weather, regional news and search engines. UNlike your iGoogle homepage, CampusLive offers coupons for area services like pizza and tanning, links to your school’s bookstore and library, and, when applicable, to your school’s online classes.

Buntology’s favorite part is the food finder module. You tell them if you want to eat out, dine in or get delivery; they suggest area restaurants, complete with menus, phone numbers, promotional deals and hours. (A Bunt requires an average of 7,300 calories a day. Emoting burns through calories like you wouldn’t believe.)

Bottom line, CampusLive is all about making connections. And so are we. These guys have a vision, and we are so on board. Best part – if you can register for CampusLive in less than 5.7 seconds, you get an autographed Britney Spears photo.

So what are you still doing here? Tick tock!




this is cool. thanks

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