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Reppin’ the east coast


Buntology hits up Boston for a birthday extravaganza / makes nice with cover band Velvet Jones. Who says we’re small town girls?

Angela and I ventured somewhat outside our element – well, at least our zip code – this weekend for former Westfield student and Greek goddess Natalia (“Tals”) Araszkiewicz’ birthday. Tals’ sister, Karolina, welcomed most of the Buntology crew into her Brighton apt for a Saturday of celebration in Faneuil Hall. (Rhymes with “Daniel,” for those of you on the wrong side of the country.)

Ange, Ivan, Xtina, Lauren Davenport and I scooted up to Brighton late Friday afternoon. There was a bit of a snag at the toll plaza – cars everywhere, people being morons. I was very very bitchy about it, but I hate when other people are driving and I was sitting in the middle in the back. The exact opposite of driving. Sorry, Ivan. But we got through that OK.

To keep the morale up during the long drive we created a song in honor of the birthday girl. We gave Lauren one line because she was a little nervous, then all of us yelled the last couple. Here’s some variation of our rhyme.

Yo what up Tals, you the shit / we came down here so we could kick it
Happy early birthday to you / from me and the rest of our crew
Yo I came here all the way from N.A.
/ just to wish you a happy birthday
You 24 / and lookin so fly

so let’s get drunk and fuckin hiiiigh woooo!!!

When we got there (and got a few beers down the hatch) we called Natalia into Karolina’s kitchen to give her a private show, but everyone heard it and made us do an encore. We really nailed it the second time around. Amy-Lou Lagerstrom, another former Westodian and friend of Buntology, did the beat. (“N.A.” is the the location of Buntology headquarters, North Adams.)

Our crew piled into cabs and headed off to Faneuil Hall. Hennessy’s had two or three floors (at least two; I thought I heard three but I only went on two of ’em) and a ton of good-lookin’ bouncers. We danced upstairs, had some drinks, blah blah blah …

Eventually, we migrated downstairs, where we found the band Velvet Jones to be engaging and fun! (I heard them playing “Dammit” and freaked the f*ck out. – Angela) Angela and I quickly began to mix partying with business – who were these guys? There’s nothing cooler than when a band will let you have fun and not be standoffish. I want my musicians to get down with me. These fellas – Rob, the singer, Ren, the guitarist, Marc, the bassist, and drummer Mike – were a blast. They let Angie, Xtina and I slither and stumble all around on their stage, croon into the mic, and pretty much act like the rock stars we thought we were after six or seven $5 Bud Lights. Thanks for the beer Mike!

Not only did these guys sing and play well, they chose fun songs that were a blast to jump around to. And most, most importantly, they played them loudly enough that you couldn’t tell how horrendously we (me) were screwing up the lyrics. Which is good, because I was screeeammming “Mr. Jones,” “Inside Out,” god only knows what other pop shit. No offense guys. And you know the Buntology crew was there for every song.

And if Jackie had been there … God help us. Jackie would have had a stroke.

I also had a serious and moving moment with Rob.* I can’t fully put it in to words, but the final song, “Date Rape,” when the lights came on and the bar was shutting down … well, have a look.

*That picture was actually taken from about halfway through the first set when they were having a serious and moving moment during the song “Mr. Jones.”

** Oh, good. I’d hate to think we were having a deeply touching singalong to “Date Rape.”



soo i love this and the picture at the top with the random dude haha hilariouss

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