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Further Proving That Asians Are the Best Race

According to BBC News, “Japan has come out of recession after its economy grew by 0.9 percent in the April-to-June quarter.”

While the rise is probably due to a large government stimulus package the country just received (which included money to buy energy efficient cars and home appliances), we can still give props to Japan for beating America to the punch and maintaining that they are indeed the coolest country.

“Recent figures have shown other nations coming out of recession, including Germany, France and Hong Kong, a sign the global slowdown is easing.” (BBC News)

You Americans might be wondering, “how does this affect me?” Well, it doesn’t, but doesn’t it feel good to be informed?

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I read this somewhere and I totally agree:

“There are four distinguishable races: Asian, white, black and indian. Indian has an asian influence. However, of all the races the one that have had more civility through history is east asian.
Mental illness and hate for the fellow man is abundant in the white and black race. Obesity, skin cancer, syphillis, breast cancer are abundant in these two races.
White is a recessive gene and albino animals in nature are the exception, not the rule, white is not the best race genetically. If they are not ruling, their fragile mind accustomed to privileges, collapses and they lash out with violence, killing masses.
Blacks have been bred to fail and hate each other, there is no hope for blacks either.

White skin reflects light better and it looks well in photographs, but up close there are plenty of spots, small veins, dermatitis and in general very unhealthy appearance, in particular after 30 years of age.
Black skin is better up close, but their chemically treated hair is a mess of odors and unsanitary, to say the least. In their efforts to look like other races they are looking worse than their ancestors. Soon they will show no signs of humanity. They are regressing looking more like animals, speaking and dressing like failures.

There were great mathematicians and physicists who had breakthroughs, however you can’t trust history entirely…there were many women scientist who had to hide behind their husbands for their ideas to be recognized. Even whites males themselves, tried to suppress each other, like Edison and Tesla.

Similarly, during the persian invasion and other invasions the origins of many signs of intelligence were destroyed. During the religious wars there was similar destruction of scientific thought. The superior race is east asian. Without doubt, in the absence of weapons, asians would win close contact combats against blacks and whites. Any race that reproduces with asians improves their genetic make-up a ten fold.

East asians also are the only race who doesn’t use religion as a way to dominate, control and destroy.”


@DAI, first of all, hate is not restricted to one race. And obesity? There is a whole damn sport made EXCLUSIVELY for fat men. And it’s not like Asian genes are very dominant. The smartest man ever recorded was white. He had an IQ somewhere between 250-300. He graduated Harvard at 11 and mastered over 40 languages. And uhh.. Asians got smaller reproductive organs. Sorry, but it’s true. Hispanics, whites, and blacks have around the same genital sizes, but Asian men are lagging FAR behind. Look it up. Blech. I find Asians very attractive, but you are ruining it for me.

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