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Primordial Dwarfism on TLC

TLC is my favorite channel. Not only does it air episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 all day erryday, but it always has really interesting documentaries. Lately I’ve been seeing a bunch about Primordial Dwarfism.

Primordial Dwarfism is when babies are born maddd small, in a nutshell. But what sets them apart from most dwarves is that they are totally proportionate. So, unlike our favorite dwarf, Willow, who has huge hands, these dwarves are small everywhere.

PDs (Little People like the term LPs so I’m assuming PD is cool in the gang) rarely live past the age of 30. I guess a lot of them die from brain aneurisms. Also, there’s no cure for the disease which is caused by a child inheriting a mutant gene from each parent.

Check out Kenadie, a PD who not only inherited shitty genes but a shitty name as well. Thanks mom and dad!


Richard M. Nixon

wow im taller than her!

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