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Jackie Explains It All


I caught some of the presidential news conference tonight on FOX.

I am not going to go too far on this just because I am not totally positive  what I am talking about (as usual. Just kidding! РAlicia). But I will say what I have heard and somewhat understood from the news conference.

There has been a whole lot of talk about Obama’s stimulus package and his $3.6 trillion budget proposal. Woah that is a buttload of money and Obama knows it, but he explains, “hey would you rather NOT spend money on education?Allow other countries to continue to lap us in our schooling? Not spend money on health care and energy?

Obama believes that the plan is “inseparable from this recovery” because it lays the foundation for a “secure and lasting prosperity.”

Obama says that he knows his budget plan isnt perfect, but there is no perfect budget. While Republicans are complaining about the new budget, they haven’t come up with an alternative that is any better. This plan is all about investing in things that cost money but offer the prospect of reducing costs in the future.

(Nice work, Jack! I’m glad one of us was doing our job and watching the news – pretty sure Ange and I were both mackin’ instead of reporting. I mean, what?)



hehehehehehe. wait what? where am i?!


I started to watch last night but I couldn’t focus… too busy being distracted by the hotness of my President.

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